After our busy day of traveling on Wednesday, Thursday got off to a slow start. Our first mission, to find a supermarket and get food for the next few days. The owner of our apartment had recommended a good supermarket a few subway stops away, we looked it up on Googlemaps and decided that it didn’t look that far and that we could walk it. In hindsight, that wasn’t such a great plan, especially on the way back with all the bags. It was right at the far end of the street we are staying on…509 houses away! The best idea of the day was taking my rucksack on wheels with us, it definitely helped on the way home. Predictably on 23rd December the supermarket was busy, and faced with strange brands it probably took us longer than most. We eventually made it home at about quarter to 2 (having arrived at the supermarket at around midday) and Liz made us mozzarella and sundried tomato sandwiches on “bimbo” bread…yes, we bought it for the name! After lunch we discussed what we were going to do for the rest of the afternoon. We decided that staying in Brooklyn for the rest of the day was a good option as it was already past 2pm and we didn’t have much daylight left. After consulting our library of travel books (seriously!) we decided to go to Coney Island right on the coast. We knew that it would be mostly closed, but wanted to see it anyway. After a lengthy tube journey we wandered out into the cold, windy afternoon. Heading towards the beach, past the closed amusements and rides, as well as completely deserted car parks we were all reminded of the film Zombieland and I must admit that I half expected a zombie to jump out at us! It was quite bizarre how deserted it was, and we will definitely be heading back in June to see how different it is with people there. After a wander along the beach taking photos and recognising landmarks from the film Two Weeks Notice it was getting dark and even windier so we got back on the train. We got off at Park Slope to have a look around and ended up buying toiletries and sorting out phones for me and Lizzie as well as searching  for a restaurant. Our restaurant search proved slightly futile since most places seemed to be mexican and had lots of onions on the menu (Hannah is allergic) so we headed back towards a pizza place recommended by Teia (who we are renting from). This was a very good move, and we had delicious pizza cooked in a wood burning pizza stove before heading back to the apartment.

Tomorrow….Central Park, Ice Skating and Times Square