We arrived at the airport at 6am on Wednesday morning, still half expecting not to fly. At that point we were a bit early to check in, but 40 mins and breakfast later, we joined the massive Delta queue. It moved surprisingly fast and we headed straight through security. Surprisingly enough, the plane left pretty much on time and we landed in New York half an hour early. Passport control was SO much easier than we thought it would be, the guy I had just chatted to me about the trip, no scary searching questions at all. Once we had reclaimed our bags we found the AirTrain and started our trip to the apartment. Changing trains was slightly entertaining, as we had to buy a ticket and then fit through quite small barriers with our suitcases… only Liz noticed that there was a door that could be pushed open if you didn’t fit, so Hannah and I probably looked VERY touristy as we shoved our suitcases under the turnstiles. On the train we phoned the owner of the apartment… first problem, she had a meeting and wasn’t going to be back at the apartment until 6.30pm, at this point it was about 1.45pm so we then wondered what to do. We decided to get out at the right place and at least find the street in the daylight. As we were walking up the road from the train station we were getting increasingly uncomfortable with the whole situation, and feeling pretty vulnerable with all our stuff with us. We decided to find somewhere to sit, and Hannah said what about here, indicating what looked like a partially dark window, we peered in and it looked like a coffee shop so we decided that it was our best option. It really was, the guys that worked there were so nice, one came forward immediately to help us with our bags. They had tea, even though I think they thought drinking it with milk was a bit weird. They gave us some advice on where we could spend the next few hours once we were done there. One of them, Jeff, got out his tube map and marked for us all the good places to go in Brooklyn as well as giving us his number in case we needed any help or wanted to meet up at any point. We headed out of there towards the place they had recommended, two blocks away, that had lots of cafes and restaurants. We found one that he had recommended right on the corner and decided to try it. We then stayed there for the next 3 1/2 hours until we could get into the apartment. It was great, we will probably be going back. Once we got to the apartment the owner Teia was lovely, she gave us advice on the safest ways to walk since they shut down the streetlights as well as on the best places to get food etc. The apartment is lovely, I’ll upload photos soon. But most importantly its warm, which is great, even though New York is nowhere near as cold as we were expecting. Today we are going to go food shopping as the cereal and milk that we managed to get at the corner shop will not cover us for lunch as well as breakfast!