Christmas Eve… the day we decided to head into Manhattan for the first time. Leaving the flat at about 10.30am we caught the subway to the bottom left corner of Central Park. Emerging from the subway, I couldn’t help but feel completely dwarfed by the huge skyscrapers. At the edge of the park was a Christmas market which we wandered around briefly before heading into the park. It was a glorious day and we were all content just to wander, taking photos of anything and everything. We bought food from a vendor in the park (hot dogs and pretzels…yum!) and wandered…. for HOURS! Eventually we came across a map, and a man came up and started telling us about all the things that go on in the park year round (ice rink in winter, free outdoor shakespeare in the summer etc.). Looking at the map we realised that we had completely missed the ice rink and headed back down towards it. Hannah, probably the most sensible of us all decided to forgo skating and went for a wander while Lizzie and I headed down. It was really good fun, and just amazing to look up and see all the skyscrapers so close by. No cameras were allowed on the ice so we got the camera out for a while and took turns taking photos of the other from the sidelines. This was when it all went horribly wrong… coming off the ice to take over the photography, i caught my skate on the rough ice by the entrance and fell really hard. It really hurt, but was pretty funny. Before you ask, no, there is not a photo, Lizzie was too concerned for my welfare.  We switched and she had a similar fall later on, although had enough time to twist so she fell sideways rather than straight down like I did. After a while we got quite cold so handed in our skates and went to find Hannah. Wandering out of the park we decided to go to Times Square to look at all the lights (it was getting dark by this stage). After accidentally taking the subway in the wrong direction we eventually got there. It is difficult to describe if you haven’t been there and my photos don’t really do it justice, but it is pretty incredible. We hadn’t been there too long when we spotted the Hard Rock Cafe. Hannah said she loved it, and Liz said she had never been, so we headed across to check the prices. It was still pretty early (6pm) so there wasn’t really any queue to speak of, and we quickly saw that the prices weren’t too bad. We were seated very quickly and had a really nice meal, and a very yummy cocktail. 🙂 After a brief trip to the shop we headed back out into Times Square. The lights are so bright that it looked like daylight and we wandered around for quite a while just taking it all in. Most of the shops were still open and we went into a couple, including M&M’s World, which was heaving but pretty cool. By then it was getting quite cold and late so we found a pharmacy for arnica (for my skating bruises) and cold and flu remedies for Liz and headed back to Brooklyn for much needed sleep.