Following the Boxing Day “Snowpocalypse” we were a little snowed in on Monday, so we had a chilled out day in the apartment. Not much to report there apart from continuing oven issues, even with Teia showing us how to use it, we can’t light it ourselves … fail!


On Tuesday we decided to brave the 30 inches of snow outside, the plan being Grand Central Station, Barnes and Noble, Tiffanys, FAO Schwarz (for Olivia’s birthday present), then the Guggenheim museum.

Our first stop was Grand Central Station and we did the typical touristy taking of photos before heading towards 5th Avenue to go to Barnes and Noble. (After 3 days of planning to do this I am SO happy to finally have something to read!) While having a quick sandwich lunch in “FoodWorld” we decided that 10 blocks to FAO Schwarz and Tiffany’s wasn’t really fair on Hannah and her bad knee, so we went back to the subway to go to the Guggenheim. After (slightly inaccurate) directions from a helpful passerby who saw us pull out our map we found it, and also discovered that entry was $18 each, although Liz and I were still keen to go, Modern Art isn’t really Hannah’s thing, so we agreed to go another day when she was doing something else to save her paying that much for something she wasn’t overly keen on to start with. We decided to go to the Space Dinosaur Museum (American Museum of Natural History) so we ventured across a snowy Central Park to get there. Arriving in the crowded entrance we discovered that it was also expensive, but since it was something we were all keen to do, out came the credit card. We were quite shocked to have to pay extra for the “Journey to the Stars” show, but again, all wanting to see it we didn’t have much of a choice. We quickly realised that we had left ourselves nowhere near enough time to see everything, so we split up to look at all the dinosaurs that we each wanted to, then met up again to go to the Planetarium. The show was really cool (and narrated by Whoopi Goldberg!) maybe not $8 worth, but still good. After the show we wandered around the various space exhibits and then realising that we had about 20 minutes left until closing time. I was keen to see the rocks and minerals and the gemstones so taking the map I hurried over to the other side of the museum to see them… it was REALLY far. By the time I got there, pausing briefly to take more photos of the MOST AWESOME CHRISTMAS TREE EVER! (Photos are in the photostream on the right – it was decorated with origami dinosaurs), I only had 10 minutes left before closing time, but I managed to see everything I wanted to, and to take lots of pictures of rocks and minerals… like mother like daughter… at least there weren’t any for me to collect and take home! Heading back to the main entrance to meet the others I also found an amazing photography display with some really stunning pictures of birds, I also managed to detour through the Hall of African Mammals which I wanted to see. All in all, a brilliant whistle-stop tour of the museum, but we have all agreed that it needs revisiting when we are back in New York in June.

As the museum closed we headed down to the very busy subway to catch a train back to Brooklyn. After dinner in the apartment we headed out to Peaches for a few drinks and then to Wine Therapy for one drink before heading back home through the snow.