After our late night the day before, New Year’s Day got off to a leisurely start. We weren’t entirely sure what would be open, but we decided to head into Manhattan to look at Madison Sqaure Gardens and then on to the Rockefeller Center to look at the Christmas Tree. After Madison Square Gardens, where we really couldn’t see much without tickets to the arena, but we did get to see some interesting displays that showed the history of the Gardens, as well as pictures of events through the ages and of what the original looked like. We were all starting to get hungry at this point so we wandered in the general direction of the Rockefeller Center hoping to find food on the way. After maybe a block I spotted Macy’s and after taking some touristy photos we went inside. It was very busy with tourists and shoppers and we soon discovered that it was quite far out of our price range so left and resumed our search for food. Deciding that we really couldn’t afford the prices around Times Square we headed out a few blocks and stumbled across a Celtic Pub, which had reasonable prices and SHOCK HORROR more than one vegetarian choice on the menu! This was a really good choice, we all had great food in the restaurant upstairs then headed down into the bar for a couple of drinks and to watch some sport. There were about 6 or 7 big TV screens around the bar, showing 3 or 4 different sports channels so while Liz and Hannah watched the Rangers Ice Hockey game, I alternated between watching American football and Basketball. Although I was still really tired after our late night the day before, the place had a good atmosphere and was quite enjoyable. Unfortunately, Hannah was suffering quite a lot with her knee so we decided to wait for another day to look at the Rockefeller Christmas tree.

On the 2nd Lizzie decided that she wanted a quiet day in the apartment to catch up on her blog and various emails, so after a lie in Hannah and I headed towards Park Slope again. It was nice to see it in daylight and we wandered for a while. Unfortunately the Sat Nav we were intending to buy was out of stock, so we thought it was best to return with Liz so we could make a joint decision on which one to get. Having spotted a small coffee shop only marked with a wooden sign with a grumpy face, we both decided we had to check it out. It happened to be called Cafe Grumpy and Hannah tells me that the coffee was amazing, I enjoyed my loose leaf Earl Grey as well. We spent quite a while there, just chatting and relaxing a bit before looking at the subway map and heading to one of the places that Jeff had recommended on our first day here. Unfortunately, neither of us could remember what he had said was in the area he recommended but since it was on our way home we decided to check it out. After wandering for quite a while and finding nothing of particular note except for closed discount shops (it was Sunday evening after all) and an IHOP, we concluded that it must have been recommended for cheap shopping and returned to the subway to head back to the apartment. Unfortunately Lizzie’s plans for the day had been somewhat foiled by the internet going down, so we decided that we would have dinner and head to the laundromat to get all our clothes clean in time for leaving New York on Wednesday. I cooked a slightly questionable meal of “what have we got in the cupboard” pasta which included; tinned tomatoes, veggie sausages, garlic and peas which we ate while watching an episode of Veronica Mars before Liz and I headed out to brave the Laundromat. I think from the outset it was pretty clear that we had never done this before and we were definitely getting amused glances from both the staff running the place as well as the other customers. Our major issue was that we couldn’t work out how to program the dryers for more than 8 minutes, but someone took pity on us and showed us how to do it. Eventually an hour and a half later, with all our clothes clean we headed back to the apartment and watched Veronica Mars for the rest of the evening.