On the morning of January 3rd we headed into Manhattan with our main plan for the day being to go up the Empire State Building. We were very lucky with the weather as it was a gorgeous day and as we walked into the foyer we were greeted by signs saying that there were 25 miles of visibility from the 86th floor Observation Deck. A reasonably fast moving queue later we were squeezed into the elevator to head up to the top. The views were breathtaking and I took loads of photos. It was freezing cold and pretty crowded on the outside part of the platform but went round several times taking in the views and snapping lots of photos while experimenting with the various settings on the camera. It was so cold that I needed to go inside a couple of times to restore feeling to my fingers before I could resume taking photos, but I got some that I am really pleased with. After the Empire State we headed back to Brooklyn to check out Brooklyn Superhero Supply which was brilliant. Upon entry you are greeted by a variety of signs stating such things as, “If you are invisible please show yourself beyond this point” and “Would all merpeople or anyone with fins please towel off before entering the store” as well as a computer where you could register your own superhero name. After a bit of persuasion Hannah registered “Injury Girl”… powers: accidental destruction of self and others, location of secret lair: St Andrews Union Bar. The shop itself holds a wide selection of delights, selling capes, superhero tights, invisible items for use by invisible people, invisibility powder, courage solution… the list goes on. In addition to this there is a cape tester, and a mind reading machine as well as “surveillance” systems for all of New York that label all the main superhero hot spots. There is also a sign near the till stating that “The only invisible money we accept is Mastercard, Visa and American Express”. There was also a secret doorway behind a bookcase into the free writing and tutoring program which is where all the profits from the shop go. After a quick stop for a bagel (5pm lunch…) we headed back to the apartment before heading out later on. A friend of Lizzie’s had recommended a chain of Mexican restaurants called Blockheads, particularly because of a cocktail called the “Red Nosed Bulldog” which is a frozen margarita with a shot of sangria and an upside down corona in the top. Eventually we found the place in Greenwich Village, after Lizzie and I both displaying how extremely directionally challenged we both are! It was a short wait for the table but while we waited at the bar the girls got a chance to sample the recommended cocktail, I didn’t fancy it, but did enjoy the $3 frozen margaritas! Lizzie and I both really enjoyed our meals but unfortunately for Hannah the only thing that they could make without onions was a cheese quesadilla, which was quite a boring alternative to what she had originally wanted. Wanting to check out a bar we had spotted earlier (while we were lost) we headed there, it was really busy but had a really good atmosphere, on discovering the bar was cash only we vowed to come back the next night when we had more than $4 in cash between us! Unfortunately when we got to the Rockefeller Center they had just switched off the Christmas tree lights for the night so we headed home.