Having reserved tickets for Liberty and Ellis Islands we got up early to make sure we were there on time. Once again the queue was enormous and we were very glad that our reserved tickets put us into a fast track queue onto the ferry. Although we missed the 11am ferry due to delays through the security screening we caught the 11.30 with no problems. Arriving on the island we headed straight to the cafe (none of us had eaten breakfast) and decided an early lunch was in order before exploring the island. We walked all around the island, taking hundreds of photos and were very glad that the forecast cloud for the day had almost entirely burnt off, leaving beautiful blue skies as the backdrop for our pictures. Unfortunately, going inside the pedestal to the museum and the observation platform included quite a few stairs and since Hannah’s knee was the worst it has been so far she decided not to come in. The museum was really interesting and the views of Manhattan from the pedestal were amazing. We were also able to see inside the statue to see how it is made. Conscious that Hannah was waiting for us, and that it was nearly 2pm, we met up with Hannah and caught the boat to Ellis Island to go to the immigration museum. I found this absolutely fascinating and could easily have spent more time there, but it closed just after 5pm and we caught the last ferry back to Manhattan. At this point the girls headed back to the apartment for a few hours and I caught the subway to the Upper East Side to meet up with my friend Reed (another St Andrews acquaintance). After a cup of tea and a chat in his apartment, we went to a lovely Italian restaurant for dinner. After dinner I said that I still hadn’t managed to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree so he said he would come with me. Although it was a reasonably long walk, it was a nice evening and it was nice to wander through an area of New York that I hadn’t really seen. On the way we stopped off to wander around St Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue and Reed pointed out a number of landmarks and famous sites as we passed them. On arriving at the Rockefeller Center there was a light show set to music projected on one of the buildings which was pretty cool so we paused to watch it. The Christmas tree itself was amazing, there is a picture (which I will post soon I promise) of me looking very small beside it. I took a number of photos of the tree and the ice rink next to it before we carried on in search of somewhere to sit down and warm up with a cup of tea. Eventually we found somewhere only to hear from Lizzie that they had arrived at Rockefeller and did I want to meet them there. We met up with them and Reed joined the three of us as we returned to the bar we had discovered in Greenwich Village the night before, called the Cubby Hole. It was insanely busy again (possibly because it was $2 margarita night) but very enjoyable and we spent several hours there before heading home. All in all an enjoyable final day in New York.