Wednesday 5th was our official last day in New York. Lizzie and I got up early to recycle the glass bottles (the only thing not collected from the house) and to return the Sat Nav holder that we had bought on the understanding that the sat nav didn’t have one (it did!). We did not have time to do the recycling in the end, but managed to get a full refund for the Sat nav holder as well as some breakfast from “La Bagel Delight” while we were there. We had slightly underestimated how long this would take so were flying around trying to get everything ready to go for 11.30am. We managed it and climbed into our waiting taxi (a black limo… very cool), since we had decided that the subway with all our bags, lots of stairs and Hannah’s knee was a terrible plan. Arriving at Port Authority bus terminal we found some seats near our boarding gate and took turns to go off in search of food. The bus left on time and the journey was reasonably uneventful, apart from the irate driver pulling over and storming to the back of the bus to shout at people for smoking, which was pretty funny. We arrived in Boston at about half 7, and 20 minutes later had been picked up by the hotel shuttle to take us and our bags to the hotel. Once we had checked in and dumped our stuff (we really didn;t pack light!), we went down to the restaurant for dinner, where Liz and I were able to get the vegetables we were craving and Hannah was able to have her first proper meal in a couple of days. After supper it was back up to the room for some Veronica Mars and then to bed. Welcome to Boston. 🙂