After our day of travel yesterday, we had a bit of a lie in before Lizzie and I ventured downstairs to sample the breakfast in the hotel. Once we were all ready we caught the free shuttle to the “T” line (Boston’s subway) to pick up the car. Our first port of call was Quincy Market to find lunch, wandering through I had a weird feeling that I had been there before, which was very bizarre, until I realised that I had, on a school ski trip 11 years ago! 3 portions of macaroni cheese later we decided that it was high time we picked up the car. After walking in the wrong direction (no surprises there, we are pretty good at that!) we eventually found it, and since Lizzie had organised everything before we left all that was needed were a few signatures and photocopies of our driving licenses before we were directed upstairs to find the car. Which is HUGE by the way, its a Ford Escape (I think). Perhaps foolishly I had volunteered to do the first drive back to the hotel, and after a few brief instructions from the Alamo man, we started driving down seven stories of car park. Of course, I did have to pull over before we even left the car park since I hadn’t had a chance to adjust the mirrors or check where the lights were etc. At this point it was going reasonably well, then we left the almost deserted car park… Lizzie tells me that you could hear a change in my voice when we hit the real road with real cars. At this point the GPS hadn’t picked up where we were so we were just driving aimlessly until it did. Driving was going ok, but I was really struggling to concentrate on several things at once; driving an automatic for the first time (there was a lot of pressing of an invisible clutch going on), following the GPS, staying in the right place in the lane as well as being aware of all the other cars. It didn’t really help that Lizzie is a nervous passenger and kept air braking and holding on to her seat. Although I really appreciated her telling me when I was getting too close to the right side of the lane, it also made me more stressed. Eventually we came off the interstate to be told in the middle of a bridge that we had arrived… since there are roadworks this wasn’t the case and although I had watched the route to the hotel very carefully the night before on the way in, I was in the wrong lane for the turning so ended up going back over the bridge in the wrong direction. At this point, everybody’s nerves were getting to me and I was really stressed and just wanted to stop the car and cry. However I eventually got back round to the turning and this time did not miss it. I have never been so glad to park a car and get out, I still had the feeling that I wasn’t sure whether I was going to be sick or cry, so I left the others to practice driving round the car park. You will be pleased to hear that I was not sick and nor did I cry, I had a cup of tea which made everything better! After a few hours chilling out in the hotel and each having about an hour on the computer we headed back into Boston in search of dinner. It was quite late by the time we got in and most places had stopped serving but we did find somewhere eventually and had a nice meal and a few drinks before catching the last train back to the hotel. Unfortunately the shuttle was not available to pick us up, but we discovered that the 10 minute walk is not bad at all. One episode of Veronica Mars later, at around half past 2, it was definitely time for bed.