Having spent altogether too long in New England it was time to head south. The first half of our trip took us past New York to Elizabeth, New Jersey (had to be done). Unimpressed with the centre of town we did discover the IKEA, and after waiting in a very long queue for lunch we wandered through the store. Although we had been planning to buy blankets and stuff, all we came away with was a large zippable storage bag for our non perishable food, exciting stuff! After our break Lizzie took over the driving duties for the rest of the trip to Atlantic City and we arrived just as the sun was setting. We had managed to get a really good deal in staying in the Trump Marina hotel and casino, our cheapest room so far! It was also by far the nicest room so far as well, it even had its own lobby as you walked in! After a bit of chill out time we wrapped up warm and headed out to explore the boardwalk. We caught the “Jitney” (like a minibus) into town and found the boardwalk pretty quickly. We also found Bally’s casino with its Wild West theme and 24 hour happy hour! After a warming round of shots, we walked down the boardwalk for a while, but were both a little disappointed – clearly another seasonal thing! We returned to Bally’s for a couple of drinks and a go on the 1c slots. Liz did really well at this point, coming away with $8 from an original $1 input, I on the other hand lost $3. We headed back to the hotel to dress up for the evening, since we had decided that we wanted to do this properly. Once we were ready we headed down to the hotel bar, after a $15 round of drinks and being chatted up by old men we decided that Bally’s was much more fun, so headed back there for the remainder of the evening. Several drinks later, we progressed from 1c slots to $1 blackjack, and after watching a few rounds I felt I had learned enough to join in and it was a lot of fun. Following the discovery that while you are playing drinks are free (you just have to tip the waitresses), my blackjack skills went somewhat downhill. We did however provide great amusement for everyone else at the table, from the dealer to the other players, one of whom, a large black man was quite amused to be told by Lizzie that Baileys really was quite a girly drink. We also made friends with Budweiser Boy, a policeman who was also a volunteer fireman and EMT and his sidekick, Charlie/Steve (neither of us can remember). After the casino closed we had a few drinks with them before heading back to the hotel, it also seemed a great idea to kiss Budweiser boy as we left. Returning to the hotel we both crawled into bed and set the alarm so that we wouldn’t miss check out the next morning. We stumbled down to breakfast the next morning, which was amazing, I only wish I hadn’t been so hungover! After checking out we drove into the center to check out the outlet shops. Hungover shopping isn’t the best, but Lizzie managed to get some good bargains. After a trip to Starbucks to use their Wifi we found a place to stay in Philadelphia and, as the sun set we left Atlantic City and headed towards Horsham, PA.