Although we had initially planned 2 days in Philadelphia, we only spent one day in the city itself. We arrived in the city at around 11am, and after paying $5 for our all day parking headed towards the centre of town. We managed to time our arrival very well, and minutes after arriving we joined a tour around Independence Hall (where the Declaration of Independence was signed). The tour lasted about half an hour and covered three of the main rooms in the hall. The guide talked us through the history of the building as well as important events that had taken place there. To be honest, since my knowledge of the finer points of American history is hazy at best there were things that went over my head, but overall it was a good tour. After finishing in Independence Hall (outside photo opportunities were sadly lacking due to all the scaffolding) we headed over to see the famous Liberty Bell across the road. After going through a second set of security we wandered through the exhibition to the Bell. Although there were lots of people standing in the way we eventually managed to get pictures of the bell on its own and us with the bell.

The Liberty Bell

Our next stop was Franklin’s grave… which led to another seasonal fail, the cemetery is closed in January and February, but you can see the grave through the fence. Needless to say, that was a little disappointing, but we had a look anyway. With all our sightseeing done, there was one thing left on our agenda for Philadelphia… cheesesteak! Lizzie had done some research the night before on places to get good vegetarian cheesesteak, and as luck would have it, one was very close to where we had parked the car. Unfortunately, they only offered the vegetarian version, so rather than watch Liz eat then find somewhere else where she could watch me eat, I opted for the vegetarian version as well. It was very good, very calorific, but very good. I failed on the photography front but I think Liz got a few pictures. With everything ticked off our Philadelphia to do list we headed back to the hotel, in order to take advantage of the free pizza, soda and cookies on offer at the weekly “guest appreciation social”… only in America!