After our failure at the Skyline Drive that morning, we arrived in Williamsburg earlier than expected and checked into the La Quinta Inn and Suites. Our room was great, although we discovered the hard way that we had memory foam mattresses when Liz collapsed onto hers only to meet resistance. Since it was early afternoon we decided to head into Williamsburg and buy two day tickets for the historic area. As we were arriving so late in the day, the lovely lady at the desk validated our tickets for three days rather than just two. It was a nice day, so we walked towards the historic area rather than waiting for the shuttle. Our first stop, or rather, the first open building we came across, was the Governor’s Palace. We joined the next tour, led by a woman in Colonial dress, who talked us through the house as it would have been at a particular date in it’s history. It was interesting, but perhaps a little too long winded since I was beginning to lose interest towards the end. Leaving through the gardens we investigated the maze, which was a bit disappointingsince the huge gaps in the hedges made it pretty easy to find the centre. We wandered around Williamsburg in the late afternoon sun, enjoying soaking up the atmosphere. Unfortunately, everything was starting to close for the day, so as it was beginning to get dark we headed back to the hotel. Our evening was taken up by an exciting microwave dinner, a trip to the local supermarket for ice cream and TV… exciting lives we lead!

We were up early the next day in order to have a full day in Williamsburg. Our first stop was the “Order in Court” session in the Courthouse, which included audience participation, after attempting to volunteer me for the job, Lizzie took on the role of one of the plaintiffs, I then volunteered to be one of the judges. It was quite fun, but I felt quite sorry for one of the volunteer plaintiffs who was ripped to shreds by the head judge. Heading towards the gaol we popped into the printing office, behind the post office. While very interesting, we found it difficult to escape once we had seen everything we wanted to as the man doing the printing clearly wanted to chat, luckily we were rescued by some other visitors arriving to distract him. Our next few stops included the gaol, where we stood in cells previously occupied by Blackbeard’s pirates, the coffeehouse, where we were able to sample coffee and hot chocolate, made using traditional methods and the wig- maker, where we learned that we would have to have our heads shaved to be fitted for a wig… no thank you! Particular mention must go “Fanny” who worked in the coffeehouse who was very much in character and highly entertaining, if a little crazy. For the rest of the afternoon we wandered around visiting various sites, including the milliner, the blacksmith and joined a demonstration of colonial cosmetics. Since we had done everything we wanted to that day, we headed back to the hotel, via the most boring film ever in the visitor center (36 minutes of my life that I will never get back!). After chilling out at the hotel for a bit we headed back to Williamsburg to meet up with Lizzie’s friend Amy who used to go to St Andrews. We had a lovely meal and chat with Amy in a cafe/restaurant with live music. After dinner, we went back to the hotel for a swim (Liz) and some blogging (me).

On Thursday morning we returned to the historic area for a final time to visit the Apothecary which had been closed the day before. Were both a little disappointed that the women working there were not chattier, since we would have enjoyed hearing about things in more detail. After a quick visit to the gift shop we returned to the 21st Century and drove south towards Chapel Hill, NC.