Chapel Hill was great, a chance to meet family members that I had heard about through Dad but never met. When we arrived on Thursday afternoon we were warmly welcomed by Meghan, and regarded with a bit of suspicion by Emlin. (to be honest, if I was 3 and two strange English girls turned up in my house I might be a bit suspicious, but we were firm friends by suppertime.) Meghan gave us a quick tour before heading out to pick up her older daughter Ava. Once back we chilled out in the kitchen while Meghan was cooking and played with Emlin and helped Ava with her homework. Meghan cooked a delicious meal and after the girls had gone to bed we stayed up chatting with Bill and Meghan. Friday dawned bright and rainy, I was up early having said that I would see Ava before school but I left Lizzie to have a lie in. Meghan very kindly let us do our laundry, so our morning was relatively quiet while we got that done, and our afternoon consisted of a quick shopping trip in search of a watch battery and food for the next few days of our trip. Arriving back at the house we spent a while Skype-ing home and playing with the girls before we all went out for dinner. We had a lovely meal out – thank you very much Bill and Meghan! – followed by a dance party in front of a roaring fire back at the house. The dance party lasted until the girls’ bedtime and we spent the rest of the evening relaxing by the fire. Sadly, our next port of call being a tour that only runs once a week, we had to leave early on Saturday morning, so there was just time before leaving to pack the car and have some breakfast with everyone. I had a really lovely time meeting everyone, and hearing some great stories about my dad, a couple of quiet days with family and home cooked food were just what I needed, thanks guys!