Arriving at the campsite in Savannah, we were unimpressed to find that it cost about $30 per night to camp there. After setting our tent up in the rain we investigated the Games Room and discovered that not only was it warm and dry, but had internet, a tv and a kitchen. After a day in the rain, a hot meal made the world a better place, and after dinner we spent the next few hours enjoying the warmth and using the internet. After another cold night (I woke up Lizzie because I was shivering so violently), the next day was bright and sunny so after showers we headed into Savannah. After a bit of fun finding somewhere to park, we headed to the visitor center to see what our options were for the day. There were a few things that we wanted to see, but mostly we just wanted to wander and get a feel for the place, so we sat down with a map and worked out the best way to go, incorporating a trip back to the car for some lunch. Savannah is beautiful and with the sunshine it was even more so, with dappled sunlight filtering through the trees in the numerous squares that make up the city.  

Having spent most of the day wandering and taking pictures, including somewhat cheesy ones with a red telephone box that we discovered, we finished our day by visiting a market and some more shops down by the river. Leaving the car park we remembered that we needed to stock up on something for dinner and that we were nearly out of water so we headed for the nearest Walmart (don’t judge us, it is REALLY cheap!). We got some frozen microwaveable food for dinner (a bit more exciting than microwave rice or noodles), yet more Ben & Jerry’s and few other things that we needed before heading back to take over the Games Room for the evening once again. It was pretty uneventful and when we were kicked out at 9pm we got ready for bed and climbed back into our sleeping bags for another cold night. The next day started off sunny and we were up early once again (the tent not being particularly sun proof). Although we had got up early, we didn’t head into Savannah until lunchtime after a relatively quiet morning catching up with our blogs. Our first stop in Savannah was the Savannah Museum, the highlight being the bench from Forrest Gump, and our next stop was the square where the bench was located when they shot the film. Having done this, and paid a visit to the post office, we had finished our to do list for the day, so spent the rest of it wandering around shops and returning to the marketplace by the river to buy gifts. We had planned to go to the cinema that night, but on discovering that there was a “Scottish Bar” just down the road from the campsite, we just had to see it. We headed over to Molly MacPherson’s at about 9pm and sat up at the bar. Being designated driver for the evening I ordered a coke and Lizzie was disappointed to discover that they were no longer able to import Tennents. However, we both knew immediately what our next drink would be when I spotted the advert for Irn Bru! We had a good evening chatting with some guys at the bar and the barmaid. At one point a somewhat drunken guy at the bar tried to join in with the conversation, then came over to talk to me. By the time he was offering to take us home with him (apparently to sleep on his couch) I was feeling increasingly uncomfortable and since Liz was turned away, I had to go for the unsubtle nudge as a plea for rescue. He was clearly not pleased with Liz joining the conversation, and after offering to take us to shoot rifles (and being turned down) he finally got the message and left. We headed back to the campsite not long after. Although it rained all night, it was not quite as cold as it had been the previous nights which good. Unfortunately the rain meant that once again we had to take the tent down in the rain and pack it up wet, this time knowing that we would not be camping for several days. With the tent packed up and the car sorted, we got back on the road towards Atlanta.