Having arranged to meet Caroline at a Starbucks on campus, we merrily typed Oxford Road, Atlanta into the GPS and set off. Nearing our destination the roads started getting increasingly more rural… apparently there is more than one Oxford Road in Atlanta, FAIL. So, with the “real” Oxford Road programmed in, half an hour later we arrived at Emory and pulled into the visitors car park, luckily in the same building as Starbucks. Their undergraduate admissions office is also in the building… I would have had no money if there was a Starbucks in Admissions in St Andrews! Caroline was still in class, so we bought drinks and waited in Starbucks until she was finished. After meeting Caroline, she showed us somewhere free to park our car, then took us on a mini walking tour of the campus. Caroline had arranged for us to stay at the house of some of her friends, so our next stop was the Bobby Jones apartment to pick up her stuff for the weekend. While waiting for her to gather her stuff Lizzie and I were looking at the maps of roadtrips of Bobby Jones Scholars past and present and tracing our own route on the map. While we were there we also saw/met the rest of the Bobby Jones scholars and got some good recommendations of places to visit on our trip from Tom. Caroline took us to dinner at a Mediterranean place near her apartment before we headed to the boys house (via Pitch and Putt to buy thank you for letting us stay with you beer). We arrived at the boys house and met Cyrus, Caroline’s friend who had offered to let us stay there. He had given up his bedroom for us and was sleeping on the sofa-bed which was really sweet of him. Having brought all our stuff in and blown up the still slightly damp air mattress we settled down in the kitchen for a proper catch up and some beer. After working our way through most of the beer we had brought it was pretty late so we headed to bed. After 4 nights of camping in the cold and the rain it was so nice to have a proper night of sleep and not wake up freezing cold.

Friday was another sunny day and after a long lie in and showers we headed out for brunch at the Flying Biscuit. Brunch was amazing and Lizzie and I both had our first experience of “grits”, which were really nice, but I can’t honestly tell you what they are. Brunch also came with a biscuit, which is nothing like a digestive, but rather more like a scone. Our next port of call was the Bobby Jones apartment again for Caroline to pick up some clothes for a function she had to go to in the library at 6ish. Parking proved difficult so we parked illegally and Lizzie stayed in the car. Caroline took us up to the 10th floor of the library to show us the amazing view and then logged us into computers so we could use the internet while she went to the Bobby Jones function and enjoyed the free wine. When she reappeared just over an hour later we went to pick up Cyrus then headed out again for dinner at a Thai restaurant before heading back to the boys house with more alcohol. We started off drinking in the kitchen and playing a few drinking games. Later we moved to the living room and Cyrus’ flatmates joined us to play ring of fire (for those who don’t know, a drinking game with a pack of cards and a different forfeit for each card). Several rounds later and after a mixture of beer, gin, rum and four loko (a bright pink vodka and energy drink) Lizzie was not very well and quite some time was spent holding her hair, reassuring her that everything was fine and eventually putting her to bed with a bucket.

On Saturday morning, leaving Liz to sleep some more (she wasn’t quite ready for food) Caroline, Cyrus and I headed out to Pancake House for a brilliant hangover breakfast. My chocolate chip pancakes were awesome, but I really should have gone for eggs. After breakfast and a quick stop to buy bathroom cleaning supplies we returned to the house and Caroline cleaned the bathroom while I cleared up all the empty cans from the night before. After that we spent most of the afternoon relaxing in the garden in the sunshine before heading to the supermarket to get food for dinner. We cooked spaghetti bolognase for everyone and after dinner we got ready to go out. We weren’t really up for much but dressed up a bit and went for quiet cocktails (mocktail for Liz as designated driver) before heading back. I only managed one drink with the boys before I was completely defeated and headed to bed.

World of Coca Cola

We were up pretty early on Sunday morning since we had a looong drive to Florida ahead of us. After leaving Cyrus’ house at about half 9 we went to the library in search of internet (closed until midday) and then had some breakfast and booked somewhere to stay for that evening. Since it would be late and dark by the time we got to Daytona Beach we treated ourselves to a hotel rather than a campsite. (Signing up for hotels.com rewards was a good idea, having booked 10 nights we got this night free, all we paid was $5 tax) After the library (to see if they had found Lizzie’s ring, later found in the car) we got back into the car and headed to World of Coca-Cola. The introduction was a bit odd, since upon saying we were from England we were congratulated on the Royal Wedding, which was a bit weird. After a somewhat odd film, made as part of an ad campaign we went through the history of Coke displays and a 4D ride experience thing before heading into the tasting center. I tried all 64 flavours of coke products from around the world, some of which were gross, but some were good. Despite all the sugar coursing through my system I still managed to fall asleep in the car on the way to Daytona.