Wednesday, the day we have been looking forward to… MAGIC KINGDOM!!! We were up insanely early and queuing for the boat to the Magic Kingdom by 8.30am.

Me in front of Cinderella's Castle.

Once we were through bag check and the turnstiles our first stop was Guest Services to find out where Lizzie could find Prince Eric (from the Little Mermaid… her first crush). Bouncing up to the desk Lizzie said to the somewhat baffled Cast Member, “We need to stalk Prince Eric… no, MEET, meet would be the more appropriate word.” He smiled at this, but the guy next to him was laughing so hard that he had to get up and leave. Emerging from Guest Services, armed with the times of the Ariel and Eric meet and greet, we spotted Snow White across the road so joined the queue of small children clutching autograph books to meet her. After posing for photos with Snow White and buying me some Mickey Mouse ears (Lizzie had Minnie Mouse ones bought the night before and a red and white polka dot dress… who says dressing up is only for kids?! So armed with the times of the Ariel and Eric meet and greet, we headed up “Main Street USA” towards Cinderella’s Castle. After posing for photographs in front of the castle (both our own and some taken by a Disney Photopass photographer (disappointingly they all turned out really badly).  We hurried to Adventureland in search of Eric and joined the queue, unfortunately Eric was disappointingly smarmy but we have photos anyway. After a quick trip to Space Mountain for Fastpasses our first main stop of the day was Fantasyland, where we went on all the kids rides and while queuing for “The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” decided that we really needed a child to legitimise going on all of them. Overhearing us, the lady behind us in the queue offered us her son… “he learnt to walk three weeks ago and hasn’t stopped since…”. Fantasyland done we headed for Tomorrowland to go on Space Mountain which was awesome, and I didn’t break it this time… (I should explain, the last time I was in Disney, I wondered aloud whether they had the facility to turn on all the lights if something went wrong and within half a minute something clearly had and they turned on all the lights… oops!) After doing all the rides we wanted to, including the Buzz Lightyear shooting game ride. We ate our lunch on the Tomorrowland transporter which takes you on a tour of Tomorrowland and into some of the rides as an observer before heading to Frontierland. We got Fastpasses for Splash Mountain (log flume) and queued for Big Thunder Mountain (rollercoaster). Having learnt our lesson from the previous day we bargained with the Splash Mountain operator for back row seats to avoid getting completely soaked, which luckily worked and we were nice and dry when we emerged from the ride, just in time to find a space to watch the parade. The parade was much more exciting than the Animal Kingdom one, since it featured characters from lots of Disney films rather than just the animal based ones. After the parade we headed to Liberty Square for the Haunted House ride and then to Adventureland to do the rest of the rides and to queue to meet the princesses.  Once again we were queuing up with loads of kids, but it was definitely worth it.

Me and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

All the rides done we headed back to Tomorrowland to go on Space Mountain again before

Fireworks over Cinderella's Castle

heading back to Main Street USA to look round the shops, grab a quick snack and watch the fireworks. The fireworks were phenomenal and we saw Tinkerbell fly from the top of Cinderella’s castle all the way to Tomorrowland, all lit up with fairy lights. I took so many pictures of the fireworks but after two or three decided that the “fireworks” setting on my camera requires a tripod, “auto” worked much better. After a busy but fun day, watching the fireworks over Cinderella’s castle was a perfect end. We then joined the hordes of people streaming towards the exit and caught the boat home.