After another early start we arrived at MGM Studios just after it opened. At bag check we had a bit of a surprise, no glass is allowed in the park so I had to decant a jar of salsa into a ziplock bag so that we could still have our packed lunch. Following advice from the nice people in the campsite we headed straight for the Toy Story ride to get our fastpasses to skip the queue later on. This turned out to be a good plan, since the queue was already over an hour long and fastpasses were running out fast. That done, we returned to the front of the park so that I could get photos of me in my Mickey Mouse ears (complete with mini Fantasia hat) in front of the giant Fantasia hat which is the main landmark of the park.

Matching hats!

That done, we headed straight for the great movie ride and were taken through representations of the sets of various famous films. Our next stop was the Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream exhibit and film which was fascinating, the exhibit more so than the film which was odd as it seemed to be intending more as a time filler while waiting for the film. The Narnia show was disappointing as it only seemed to be a glorified trailer for a film we had both seen. Wandering down the “Streets of America” in search of the stunt show we found that it was not on for several hours so went on the studio backlot tour instead, after posing with the singing in the rain style umbrella that actually rained on you for photos.

Singin' in the Rain

That was pretty cool, and we only got a bit damp before the backlot tour, which was good, particularly the part that took you into a mocked up canyon and simulated a tanker explosion and a massive flood, all around the tram that we were sitting in. I also enjoyed being taken through the back rooms where they make all the costumes used in all of Disneyworld, it was huge and there was so much to look at. I think we both thought that the tram sped through a little too quickly for our liking. The discovery that the ziplock bag of salsa seemed to be permeable as well as our growling stomachs indicated that it was definitely lunch time, so we found somewhere to sit and ate our makeshift nachos. Since we are really sensible, the first thing we did after lunch was go on a rollercoaster! We suffered no ill effects though and the Rock’n’Rollercoaster (featuring Aerosmith) was awesome. Liz then went on the Tower of Terror (which I really don’t like) while I wandered around some shops. After we met back up it was finally time for us to go back to the Toy Story ride. Toy Story was so popular (apparently THE most popular ride in Disney at the moment, probably because it’s the newest) that we had a bit of a wait even with fastpasses, but it was well worth it. A 4D ride, complete with spinning ride vehicles, and various 3D targets to shoot at for points… amazing, and over way too fast. Having just missed Beauty and the Beast earlier we hurried back over to that side of the park and snuck in the back just as the next show was starting. It was a much reduced stage version of the story, but very good none the less and we were both left humming the songs for days. Coming out of Beauty and the Beast it seemed like we walked along the entire parade route looking for a good space to watch from. The main consideration being that we wanted to be able to take photos so couldn’t be looking into the sun. Eventually we found somewhere, but that didn’t stop some horrible family from pushing in front of us during the parade, one man shoved my bag to one side and sat his son on my feet! The parade was really good, all Pixar based, although the dancers were a bit annoying since they blocked our view of some of the characters. Having done various shows and rides before the parade, our next mission was to meet some characters. First stop, Monsters Inc. We arrived and it was only Mike, so we queued up for pictures and then joined the back of the queue again to wait for Sully, the queue was so quick that we ended up going to the back several times, but the woman and her daughter in front of us were doing the same thing so we weren’t alone. Eventually Sully came out, but unfortunately although he gave me a hug and a kiss he did not stay still so all of the pictures are blurred, I guess it will just have to be a beautiful memory. We then headed towards the animation courtyard to meet the Incredibles and Mickey Mouse. After posing for a photo with Mr Incredible and Frozone (unfortunately slightly blurry) so that you cannot see that Lizzie is pointing towards the “Where’s my superhero?” logo on my top and instead it just looks like she is pointing at my chest… slightly awkward. We then joined the queue to meet Mickey, in his Fantasia costume no less.

Me and Mickey Mouse!

It was a bit of a wait, but not too bad and we posed for individual and joint pictures with Mickey, who was very friendly. We then divided again so that Liz could go on the Tower of Terror again. I was going to go to the animation show, but decided to go on the Rock’n’rollercoaster again instead and headed over to join the single rider queue. Big mistake. It took so long to get through that I missed my rendezvous time with Liz as well as the Indiana Jones stunt show. As I walked to meet her I saw that the queue for the earlier showing of Fantasmic (the firework and light show was huge already (almost 2 hours before the performance) so we made an executive decision to wait for the 9pm showing. I met Liz just outside Indiana Jones only for us to split up once again, her to Rock’n’rollercoaster and me to Toy Story again. Despite the queue being quoted as 80 minutes I joined it anyway and got chatting to the family behind me which helped the time move a bit faster. Once we got to the front of the queue the ride operator seemed completely flummoxed by the fact that I was a single rider, but they said that I could join them since they were a three. When asked whether she would like to ride with ‘Mommy’ or Daddy, their daughter looked from one to the other and then said that she would like to ride with the nice lady, so I gained a child for the duration of the ride, luckily she was well behaved and it isn’t a scary ride since I didn’t really sign up for babysitting.

The Claaaaw!

I met Liz near the Fantasmic arena and we had a super healthy dinner of ice cream before joining the queue. The queue was heaving but we got in to the show no problem (the Amphitheatre seats about 8,000). The show was good, but not quite as good as I remembered, in hindsight it may have been better to save the Magic Kingdom fireworks until the end because they were by far the best. It didn’t take long to get out and we headed quickly for the buses back to the campsite.