After a short lie in on Saturday we packed up the tent, checked out and drove over to Downtown Disney to get all our shopping done. We then spent a good few hours wandering around the shops buying gifts for ourselves and others. Once we had finished with shopping we headed to the Ghiardelli Soda Fountain to have ice cream sundaes for lunch. Rather than go for any of the ones on the menu, it was cheaper (and more fun) to create our own so we did. They were enormous, and served in a waffle shaped like a bowl with the edges dipped in chocolate… yum. We chose a table where Liz could sit in the sun and I could sit in the shade. Unfortunately this proved to be Liz’s downfall, having finished the ice cream we both proceeded to eat our waffle bowls, trying to bite through the bottom of her (much more melted because of the sun) chocolatey waffle bowl it exploded all over her… chocolate everywhere. I, helpfully, could not stop laughing, both at her predicament and the look of surprise on her face. Having found a bathroom where she could wash off all the chocolate we then got back into the car and headed towards our next campsite, a mere 6 miles up the road. We checked in and pitched our tent before spending the afternoon skyping home and playing on the internet in the sun. That evening we headed out for dinner and then to the supermarket to restock our food supplies before heading back to the campsite. Sunday was similarly lazy, I skyped Mum in the morning and had a long chat and then spent the afternoon trying to catch up with my blog and uploading photos. All in all, a much needed rest after the intense four days spent at Disney.