Having bought our tickets over the phone the day before we headed to Universal safe in the knowledge that we were saving money on the gate price. Parking in Spiderman 455 we joined the crowds of people streaming towards the entrance. Luckily most of the crowd veered off towards Islands of Adventure as we headed to the gates to collect our tickets and after a brief queue at the turnstiles we were in. Our first stop (since it was right in front of us) was Shrek 4D, a 3D show with the added twist of moving chairs and other special effects. It was good fun and a gentle way to start the day. This could not continue however and our next stop was the Rock it Rollercoaster, where you choose your own music to listen to as you go round and they also film you so you can buy a music video of the ride (unfortunately this didn’t work all day though). I was a bit apprehensive of this ride since it starts with a completely vertical ascent… scary.

Rock it Roller coaster complete with vertical ascent!

I did feel a bit like I was going to slip out of the seat as we went up, but the ride itself was absolutely amazing. We both came off agreeing that we had to go again later in the day. Our next stop was the Twister show/experience which started with an introductory video then put you in a mock set while they staged a twister which was pretty cool. On our way to the next ride we realised that we were at the right place and time for the blues brothers show so we waited and watched that which was really good. We then went on the Revenge of the Mummy ride which is a rollercoaster in the dark with things that jump out at you. The Disaster show was pretty fun, volunteers got to act out parts and then we all were loaded onto a subway train to take part in the finale of the disaster film as commuters in a subway while water gushed in and explosions went off. It was all pretty good fun. Our next stop was the Jaws ride where we tried valiantly not to get too wet (we managed pretty well) before heading towards the Men In Black ride. This was another shooting at targets type of ride and was pretty good fun and didn’t have too long a wait either. The queue for the Simpsons ride was massive so we decided that lunch would be a good idea. After a pretty long queue we sat down for a quick lunch before heading over to Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue which was a fantastic show. Unfortunately the headache that had started before lunch was getting progressively worse and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to. We headed back across to see what the queue for the Simpsons ride was (still massive) and then went to sit in the shade for a while as I was feeling so awful. Liz suggested that we go over to First Aid to see if they had a place that I could lie down for a bit. We arrived at First Aid and were looked after wonderfully by Ed, who gave me a place to lie down, found me a blanket when I got cold and gave me some painkillers as well as keeping Liz entertained while I was having a sleep. About an hour and a half later, feeling much better I decided that I was ok to leave. We were informed by Ed that it was the hottest day of the year so far so I didn’t feel quite so pathetic that the sun had affected me so badly. We returned to the Simpsons ride, which was a bit of a disappointment, kind of like a 3D rollercoaster simulator, then went on the Woody Woodpecker kiddy rollercoaster which was so rickety it was a bit painful. Our final two stops were the ET ride (a little tame but fun) and the Rock it Rollercoaster again, this time to different music. Although we had planned a meal in, we decided that I could do with real food after feeling so ill so stopped off on the way home so I could at least have something green for dinner. When we got back to the campsite I pretty much went straight to bed, hopefully this won’t happen again tomorrow, I don’t have time to feel ill!