The day dawned bright and early and we were up, showered and all packed up in time to leave the campsite by about half 9. After a quick stop at the supermarket for suncream (Liz) and a giant straw hat (me) we headed back towards Kennedy Space Center. Our first stop was the Astronaut Hall of Fame, included in our ticket price, but situated just across the water in Titusville. It had lots of interesting exhibits with lots of memorabilia, both from the early space program and from the astronauts themselves. I must say, 45 year old orange juice that has been to space no longer looks very appetising, nor does fruitcake. There were also a number of fun interactive exhibits, so while Lizzie experienced G-Forces I tried landing a space shuttle in high winds (via a simulator obviously). Having finished the Hall of Fame, we headed over to KSC to see all the things that we hadn’t had time for on our previous visit. To say it was busy was an understatement, the queues at the ticket kiosks were huge, but smugly grasping our tickets we joined the equally huge queues for security and bag search, at least we didn’t have to queue twice. Having braved the queues, we collected maps and daily event schedules before heading over to the Space Shuttle Launch experience.

Space Shuttle

Having stowed our loose articles in lockers (we are expert at this now) we joined the queue for the ride. After several introductory videos we filed into the ride capsule for the launch simulation. It was amazing, simulating all the movement experienced during the launch, just minus the G-Forces, I was tempted to do it again, there wasn’t really time unless we were to miss something else. Coming out of the ride, we ran into Diana and Stacie from the day before and had a brief chat with them before exploring a Space Shuttle, very cool, and lunch. After a quick and very windy lunch (I couldn’t put anything down or it would blow away!) we headed through the rocket garden towards the Early Space Exploration exhibition and spent some time wandering through the exhibits there before taking photos and playing in the Rocket Garden. Lizzie climbed into a launch capsule, but it was a bit claustrophobic for me to try. She also had some fun playing with the interactive water fountain. After a brief wander down the Space Walk of Honour (mostly honouring donors!) we returned to the IMAX theatre, to look at the NASA art gallery and the Hubble Space Telescope exhibition. After a brief trip to Exploration Space and the presentation there, Lizzie headed in to see Star Trek live, but not being much of a trekkie myself, I returned to spend a bit more time playing on the interactive exhibits in Exploration Space and revisiting the shop. We met under the NASA sign and posed for photos before heading back to the car for the drive to our home for the night. After three days of space related activities, I think we can safely say that we were completely “spaced out”. Our home for the night was a somewhat dodgy Super 8 motel in a slightly dodgy area of Fort Pierce, nonetheless, the room was clean and there were beds! After hauling everything out of the car, we split the jobs that needed to be done. Lizzie sorted out the cooler and the food, while I cleaned out the car… with an audience of four bikers drinking beer. Oddly enough, I actually felt safer with them there, at least someone was there to see if I was kidnapped and dragged into the night. Luckily this did not happen and I returned upstairs to repack and spend some time on the internet before bed.