Having looked forward to real beds for days, neither of us slept particularly well which was a bit disappointing. Once we were showered and dressed we repacked the car as neatly as possible before beginning the drive to Fort Lauderdale. When we eventually got there we realised it was Saturday and absolutely heaving. After a while of driving around searching in vain for a parking space we gave up, switched drivers and headed to the campsite via a petrol station. Although not exactly what we had imagined, Markham Park was fine. The showers weren’t the cleanest and the group next to us had essentially booked the campsite for a party, but it was a campsite. Tent pitched, we asked at the office for the nearest supermarket and laundrette and eventually found our way there. The laundrette was very frustrating, the clothes didn’t wash properly and the driers took SO long to dry, all in all a bit of a failure. We then tackled Publix to get food for the next few days and charcoal for cooking. By the time we got back to the campsite it was dark, so Liz lit the fire and started cooking the sausages (veggie) while I sorted out the cooler and food bags. Supper was a chilled out affair by the campfire with a couple of beers before getting ready for bed. Overall a somewhat frustrating day (we also managed to drop some sausages into the fire, never to be seen again) hopefully tomorrow will be better.