The drive to Miami was shorter than expected and we discovered that the car park Lizzie had tracked down on the sat nav was only $5 for the whole day. After asking for directions from the security guard we quickly walked the three blocks to the nearest post office to send various postcards, letters, parcels and birthday cards home. That done, we returned to the car to drop some things off before wandering through downtown Miami in search of a Starbucks.

Cool car in front of an art deco hotel

Frappucinos bought, we got down to the real reason we were there, free Wifi and each checked email and attempted to use Skype (the connection was too slow for anyone at the other end to hear us). After consulting the guide book, we started the long walk towards Little Havana. The walk, and what we saw of Little Havana made us feel quite uncomfortable as we were obviously being watched the whole time. We clearly never found the good bits as advertised in the guide books. Walking back towards downtown we gradually started to feel more comfortable and stopped for lunch at a Mexican restaurant called Lime. The food was amazing and reasonably priced, and we were disappointed to find that although it was a chain, all the restaurants were in Miami. After a short wander towards the water we realised that our only option to get to South Beach was to take the bus. The bus was only $2 each and dropped us off only a block away from South Beach. Our first stop was a bar, naturally, where Lizzie, as driver for the day had a small beer and I had a massive frozen daiquiri, a mixture of pina colada and sex on the beach flavours. It was lovely, but very alcoholic, which helped numb my slightly painful knee for the remainder of the day.


Finishing our drinks we wandered down Ocean Drive taking photos of the Art Deco buildings and then onto the beach where we paddled in the Atlantic and took more photos before heading back to catch the bus. It was just a short walk back to the car from the bus stop, and the journey back to the campsite for one last night was uneventful. Neither of us were particularly hungry but we cooked corn on the cob in the campfire as well as some baked potatoes to have cold for lunch tomorrow.