After relatively slow start, we parked in the aquarium car park in Tampa for the modest sum of $6 for the day. We failed in our quest for the tourist information (we discovered later that we had walked past it twice) but found a Tampa city guide. From our own guidebooks we already knew that we were heading to Ybor City, the home of the cigar rolling industry. Rather than walk in the hot sun, we decided to get an all day transport pass and take the streetcar. This turned out to be a good idea since once again it was a little further than it looked on the map. We honestly aren’t as blonde as we sound, it didn’t have a scale. Arriving in Ybor city we both realised that we were starving so headed for Iguanas, a restaurant advertised in the Tampa guide, along with a money off coupon. On the way we found a shop selling the two layer wrap skirt/dresses that we have seen everywhere but not been able to find in fabrics that we liked. This shop had the perfect combination of nice skirts and cheap prices, although the shopkeeper was a little scary and insisted on demonstrating different ways for me to wear the dress. Despite this, we bought the dresses and headed straight for lunch. Iguanas was great, and we had arrived during happy hour (not difficult as it runs from 11am-7pm). Upon ordering the 2 for 1 beers, we were a little surprised when the waitress brought us two beers, each. The food was great, although after my first bite I thought there was something wrong with the chicken in my wrap, there was, they had brought me fish by mistake. Once I actually had what I ordered it was great. After lunch we wandered down the main street in search of a cigar factory with cigar rolling demonstrations. Arriving in the gift shop, we discovered a little old man sat at a desk in the middle of the store. He was clearly giving the “demonstration” although all he was doing while we were there was putting stickers on the cigars he had rolled earlier in the day. A little disappointed that we hadn’t had a chance to roll our own, nevertheless Liz bought a cigar and postcard before we continued. After another wander and a visit to the visitor centre to watch the Ybor City history video w caught the streetcar back to downtown Tampa. After buying cold drinks we strolled along the Riverwalk and sat watching the world go by for a while before calling it a day and heading back to the car. On the way home we stopped off to get our laundry done and Liz got addicted to one of the arcade games in the laundrette. Unfortunately, the length of time the laundry took meant that our plan to find a beach and watch the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico was out of the window so we headed back to the motel and ordered Dominoes for dinner. The evening was spent painting my nails and reading my book before a relatively early night, another early start tomorrow.