After several weeks of being woken up by the sun, or by a relatively early alarm summoning us to a busy day of adventuring, it was lovely not to set an alarm. However, we did not expect to sleep quite as late as we did. The night of sleep in the RV was amazing, as comfortable as the air mattress is, we still wake each other up if we move too much in the night. After a bit of a lie in, we were reluctant to leave the warm trailer to venture into the somewhat cold outside world, so watched several episodes of Gossip Girl on the computer instead. At about midday we decided that we had lazed around for long enough so headed for the showers. By the time we were dressed and ready it was 1pm and was really too late to drive the full hour to the beach, particularly since it wasn’t really beach weather. Since the internet at the campsite was playing up a bit we decided to find a coffee shop with wifi so that we could check emails and skype home. Setting the GPS to take us to the centre of Fountain, the nearest town, we were a little dismayed to find that “Main Street” was a dirt track, with no coffee shop, or any shop, in sight. After a minute of playing with the GPS Liz had tracked down Panama City Mall, which seemed like our best bet, and also a possibility for finding a thank you gift for Bob and Maria for their kindness the night before. Unfortunately there was nowhere in the mall with free wifi and after we had bought the thank you gift (we settled on a photo album, since Bob had showed us loads of photos from a holiday to Columbia the night before and seemed to be pretty interested in photography), we got back in the car to find somewhere with Wifi. STARBUCKS!! Lizzie cried, as spotting one on the other side of the car park. We pulled up and headed in, computer and iPhone in hand. Lizzie was able to get her coffee hit while we settled down to work on blogs, emails and to phone home. We eventually left about an hour later, time to pop across to the supermarket to get some dinner and mini tubs of ice cream to eat in the car before heading back. The first thing to do when we arrived back was set up the tent and blow up the air mattress. Then the evening was spent in the rec room continuing the blog catch up, watching more TV on the laptop and having dinner. Eventually we headed out to the tent, it was so cold. After several weeks of warm Florida weather, this sudden dip in temperatures is a bit of a shock to the system, a week ago even my sleeping bag was too hot, now I need a jumper, socks and a blanket as well as my pjs and a sleeping bag…brrr!  Neither of us slept particularly well, Lizzie even got up in the night to find more layers since she was so cold. We’ll need to get used to the colder temperatures again now we are heading back north.