Once again getting up and out took us slightly longer than anticipated and after parking (cheaper today, J) and catching the ferry over to the French Quarter it was nearly midday. Since we wanted to do different things with our days, we decided to split up and meet again later on. I spent a couple of hours wandering around the various shops in the Riverwalk Mall, vaguely looking for gifts and some sensible walking shoes for me. Unfortunately, many of the things I liked the look of were way out of my price range, even if they would have been perfect gifts. After watching fudge being made at the imaginatively named Fudgery, and tasting some of course, I couldn’t quite resist buying some, and was lucky enough to get a discount. In a money saving measure we had brought sandwiches and I ate mine on a balcony while watching ships going past on the Mississippi River. Early afternoon found me wandering towards Jackson Square in the centre of the French Quarter, iced tea in hand, watching the world go by. While sitting the square I got a text from Lizzie saying that she was heading there for a much needed sit down.

The cathedral, I forget its name.

Once Liz arrived we sat and chatted for a while before heading off in search of the voodoo museum. Unfortunately, it wasn’t where we thought it was, and we decided that we wouldn’t have enough time even if we did find it. We did however stop at a tourist information booth to find out where it was for tomorrow. Our quest for the afternoon then changed to wandering around the touristy streets before finding some jazz later in the evening. Several shops later we had both bought masks and various gifts for ourselves and others. After a trip to Elysium Fields to take pictures we decided to check out some bars for jazz later. We found one called the Three Muses which looked good, and had a whole vegetarian section on the menu and no cover charge. Since it was a little early for dinner and the music didn’t start until later, we went to check out Preservation Hall, a highly recommended jazz venue before heading back to the Three Muses via Bourbon Street. A family member had told me that Bourbon Street can be a bit of a shock, it was a bit like being transported to the main street of a Greek island, with the party spilling out of all the bars onto the street, and it was only 6pm. Since one of us had to remain sober to drive home a big night out wasn’t on the cards, so we headed back to the Three Muses. The empty bar that we had left an hour before was heaving, but we managed to find a table and order some food. It arrived soon after and we were both a little shocked to see how small the portions were. For items billed as main courses, I had two miniature lamb burgers and Liz a tiny portion of gnocchi. The food was amazing, but oh so small. The music started while we were eating, and although it was not jazz, it was still pretty good. After food we moved to the bar to give our table to someone else, not long after we decided we were still hungry so ordered a bowl of feta fries to fill us up. For the price this was also a disappointingly small portion, but oh so good. A couple of drinks later we headed over to the Preservation Hall for the jazz we had planned for the evening.

New Orleans skyline from the ferry

The queue outside was massive, we eventually found out that they would not admit any more people until the start of the next set at 10.15pm, which was 45 minutes away. Concerned that we might miss the last ferry back to the car, we decided to call it a day and headed home to bed.