After a slow start, blogging, reading and doing nails, we eventually left the campsite just before noon having showered and packed up the tent. I am sad to report that this morning held another cold shower, which is never fun. I drove for the first two hours, which, other than a terrifyingly high up bridge was unremarkable. Our planned switch came at about lunchtime, where we decided to experience Taco Bell for the first time. It wasn’t bad, and was also really cheap. After lunch and a brief trip to Walmart for Ben & Jerry’s (dessert) and basic food supplies for the next couple of days, we got back on the road. Somehow we had managed to stop for longer than planned and our arrival time had got lots later, so while Liz was driving I texted Carolyn, our host for the evening to let her know. I should explain at this point that we have just started something called CouchSurfing. It was recommended to us by people we met in Key West and the way it works is that people offer their couch to travellers for free. Well, that is the basic premise, there are verifications, references and personalised emails to any potential host to go through as well. We’ll see how it goes… The next few hours of travel were very dull and we eventually arrived at Carolyn’s house at about half past 8. She was welcoming and very chatty, to be honest, she was not what either of us had expected (especially after her email telling us that she did some dominatrix work…) but was lovely. She had given up her bedroom and four poster bed for us for the night, and after we had settled in, we all headed out for a couple of rounds of drinks. By the time we got back it was about half past 12 and we were exhausted. We have got very used to camping schedules over the last month and unless we are out somewhere in the evening we are often in bed by 10ish since there isn’t much to do, this coupled with a whole day of driving meant that we were ready to drop by the time we finally got to bed.