Despite being inside, and not woken up by the sun for once, we were still awake pretty early and took turns to have freezing cold showers (again!) since we could not find how to turn on the hot water and Carolyn was still asleep. By the time we were showered, dressed and packed, Carolyn was awake and offered to cook us breakfast before we left. After a delicious spread of scrambled eggs with onion and warm bread and butter we hit the road. Carolyn had said that we could stay longer, but that she had a client arriving after lunch, so we thought it was best to leave. Our first stop was the beer can house, a house, as the name suggests, decorated entirely with beer cans.

Beer Can House

Although it is only open at weekends, it is on a normal residential street, so we were able to go and have a look. It really has to be seen to be believed, so I have included a picture. What the picture cannot convey however is the sound made by the curtains of can tops hanging from the roof, it must drive the neighbours insane. Since we were both a little touristed out, we decided to have a chill out day and headed to the cinema. The first one we selected from the list on the sat nav sounded great, like a little independent place, however it turned out to be someones house and not a cinema at all… poor show Miss Sat Nav! We resigned ourselves to the local AMC, but were disappointed to find that our film of choice “I Am Number Four” wasn’t showing for another few hours. Our never failing back up plan of finding a starbucks to use the internet was put into action. The SatNav found several in the local area, and we chose the closest. Which unfortunately was a Barnes and Noble, that no longer had a Starbucks, but it did have free internet, with no obligation to buy expensive coffee to use it. After a bit of blogging and a failed attempt to Skype home, we hopped back in the car to the cinema and after a very classy lunch of bread, cheese and salad in the parking lot, we headed into the cinema. Although tempted by the smell of popcorn, the cinema prices soon put paid to that idea and I was glad that I had brought my own drink. The film was good, although both of our enjoyment was slightly ruined by the boom mic. making an appearance at the top of some of the shots. Coming out of the cinema, we gave our CouchSurfing host Brittany another ring and were pleased to find that she was home so we headed over to her place. Brittany was great, one of those people that you instantly click with and we spent quite a while just chatting with her, and with her roommate Marek when she got home. Brittany, Lizzie and I went out for Tex-Mex and margaritas for dinner, which was amazing. The restaurant had a salsa bar and the portions were huge, I could only just finish my half size fajita quesadilla. After dinner, having told Brittany about our Ben & Jerry’s mission we headed to the supermarket to buy some. We also decided that as a thank you, rather than the dinner we had originally planned, that we would cook a full English breakfast for the girls in the morning. After stocking up on what we would need, getting very excited about the English food section in the international foods aisle and choosing no less than three different flavours of Ben & Jerry’s, we headed back to Brittany’s apartment. After a quick check of emails and our CouchSurfing account, we sampled our first ice cream, and then sat at the table while Brittany introduced us to her favourite board game, Settlers of Catan. Brittany won, of course, with the advantage of having played before, but we held our own. By the time we had finished it was getting on for eleven o’clock so we all headed to bed since we were getting up early to make breakfast.