In order to get a decent amount of time in the Space Center before heading over to San Antonio, we were up and out of Brittany and Marek’s at about 10am. Once Liz had done battle with the computers in the office to print our tickets, we drove the 45 minutes to the Space Center. It was ridiculously difficult to find and we were a little annoyed that there was a $6 parking charge on top of the ticket price. Upon arriving and seeing how busy it was, we remembered that it was a Saturday. The first thing we did was join the queue for the tram tour to visit Mission Control. The wait was really long and frustrating since it was really badly organised and understaffed. The tour was good and we got to see the Mission control room used for all shuttle missions. However, since this was available (it isn’t always) they did not show us the historic one used in the 60’s and 70’s, which was a bit disappointing. After the visit to Mission Control, we were dropped off at the Saturn V center. Since we had already read all about Saturn V rockets at Kennedy, we hurried through this in order to catch the same tram back to the main visitor complex. We did pause to take a few photos, it was even bigger than the one at Kennedy. It never flew, but was due to be Apollo XVIII, but the Apollo missions stopped at XVII. We managed to get the last couple of seats on the next tram and headed back to the visitor complex. Since we both had different things that we wanted to see, we split up and planned to meet just after 4pm. After a quick lunch I wandered around the various exhibits, including a short interactive presentation about living in space which was pretty good. All in all I was a little disappointed with the whole thing, but I think that was the problem with visiting Kennedy Space Center in Florida first, since it is several times the size. We bought several packets of space ice cream in the shop, one for us, the rest for our next two hosts as thank you gifts. I was slightly disappointed that there was nothing on sale that made any reference to the very famous “Houston we’ve had a problem” quote, but in terms of trying to save money that was probably a good thing. The drive to San Antonio was unexciting; we are starting to notice that most roads in Texas are long straight and boring. After a short detour looking for a parking space, we found the bar where were meeting Ben, our host for the evening. He arrived a short while later, and after a quick drink took us for a brief wander around San Antonio, showing us the Alamo at night among other things. We followed him back to his house, via the local supermarket for beer and ice cream. Once we had arrived at Ben’s house we settled down in his living room with Ben & Jerry’s and beer. Ben was great, but he was so intense. After several hours of chat we decided to watch the first episode of Firefly, but about half way through we had to stop since Liz and I were both falling asleep. It was about half past one at this stage, but it was almost 3am by the time we finally got to sleep, since Ben kept thinking of one more story that he had to tell us.