Since Ben (our San Antonio CouchSurfing host) goes to church with his parents in Austin on Sundays, we had to be up and out at 9ish. After our really late night this was a bit of a struggle and as we approached the centre of San Antonio we decided that neither of us were ready to start sightseeing quite yet, so looked for somewhere that we could have breakfast while we woke up properly. Being a Sunday morning, everywhere was pretty busy but we had a good breakfast and felt much more awake afterwards. Finding free parking proved impossible, so we eventually gave up and parked in the cheapest place we could find. Our first stop was the Alamo and we joined the long queue to get inside. It moved quite quickly though and we were soon inside. After a brief wander and a look at the few scattered exhibits we headed out of the main building and into the grounds where we found more exhibits to look at. After a break outside in the sun we headed to the Riverwalk, via the front of the Alamo once again for photos. After a wander around some of the  shops in the Riverwalk shopping centre we walked along the river itself which was very pretty.

The Alamo

Upon leaving the Riverwalk, we found ourselves back at the Alamo, where we were hoping to get some more sunny photos. Unfortunately, it was still cloudy, so we headed back towards the car to begin our drive to Austin. We had agreed to meet Ben in Austin for dinner before going to meet our next hosts and he directed us to an independent bookshop called Book People. It was amazing, and I am very disappointed that there is only the one branch. We were early, so had some time to browse, and I couldn’t resist buying a book before meeting Ben. Leaving the cars in Book People, he took us to a Tapas restaurant for dinner, pointing out various landmarks on the way. The tapas were amazing, and since it was happy hour, we were able to get tapas and wine for only $8 each. Ben insisted on paying for dinner, but we said that we would get dessert at the second place that he wanted to take us. At this point we were getting a little nervous that we were going to be late to meet our next hosts, so when Ben popped into a shop, I gave them a quick call to let them know that we were running slightly late, thankfully they were fine about it. The bar/restaurant that Ben took us to for dessert, Peche, was great, and had an amazing selection of gin. After a quick discussion about who was going to be designated driver, I ordered gin and tonic and Liz ordered diet coke. (Thanks Liz! :)) We decided that none of us were hungry enough for a whole dessert, so we shared a slice of cheesecake and were also given a taster size glass of milkshake each both of which were delicious. By this stage, although Peche had a great atmosphere we were both conscious of keeping our next hosts waiting too long, so after paying the bill we headed back to the car. After we had finally said goodbye to Ben (this sounds a bit mean, he was such a great guy, but I don’t think I have ever met someone who is quite so intense and talks so much) we jumped into the car and hurried towards Kimberly and Tom’s house. Kimberly greeted us at the door and was really welcoming. Tom had a really early start in the morning so was already in bed, but she chatted to us for a while about various travel and couchsurfing experiences, both ours and theirs. She was adamant that we should make ourselves at home, and it seemed very much like they were very used to hosting couchsurfers. We were given a key and told that we could come and go as we pleased which was great. After an intense couple of days with Ben, we were both ready for an early night before heading out to explore Austin in the morning.