With no prescribed time that we had to be out of the house, we enjoyed a bit of a lie in before heading out to explore Austin. Our first stop of the day was the Cathedral of Junk, an amazing structure, literally made of junk, built in some guy’s back garden.

The Cathedral of Junk

Obviously, his neighbours aren’t too chuffed about this and due to building regulations he had to demolish about half of it last year, but there was still a reasonable amount left for us to look around. It was made of anything and everything that you can imagine, from old toys and road signs to prosthetic legs and cymbals. There was also an upper level that we both climbed up a wall of junk to get to. The owner was there to show us around and answer any questions but he wasn’t overly chatty. Once we had finished looking around and taking photos we said our goodbyes and headed back towards the centre of town.

... and again.

We parked in Wholefoods but decided to head across to Waterloo Records first. It had been recommended by both Ben (our intense San Antonio host) and by Kimberly, it was a great music store. Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t really stretch to buying music that I can’t put on my iPod until June. We did however buy some excellent novelty gifts for future couchsurfing hosts… guitar shaped spatula anyone? After Waterloo Records it was time to head back over to Wholefoods. Now, I realise this sounds really silly, spending some of our precious time in a supermarket. But it is their flagship store and is awesome. After sampling bread, cheese and hummus, we selected what we wanted for lunch and for dinner before heading to the checkout. I then went on an epic quest to find vegetarian marshmallows with a very helpful member of staff. We were eventually successful, next time we camp, Liz can have s’mores. We ate our lunch outside in the sun before getting back into the car. What to do now? Oh, we can go visit the Capitol, it’s PINK! (Seriously) After finding the car park we wandered over towards the Capitol. After a few photos of the outside we headed over to the visitor centre. We weren’t too interested in the exhibits, but found out that if we went into the Capitol itself we could get a free tour. The tour was good, and the lasting impression can be summed up by the title of this post… “Everything is bigger in Texas”

The Texas Capitol

Even the Capitol is 14 feet taller than THE Capitol in Washington DC. Walking round the Capitol, it was impossible to forget where you were, the bulbs in some of the light fittings spelt out Texas and most things were decorated with a “lone star”. After our tour, we headed outside to enjoy the sun for a while before heading back to Kimberly and Tom’s for the evening. After sending requests for couchsurfing in Memphis and Nashville and cooking we settled down to watch some TV on the laptop and blog for a while. We had planned to go out, but we were just too tired so decided to make that trip in the morning.