Since we had a relatively busy day ahead we were up, showered and out pretty early. Our first stop was Toy Joy, a shop that our hosts had raved about. It is essentially a toy shop for adults (no, not in that way!) which stocks everything from board games and model cars to disney themed handbags and novelty ice cube trays. In all honesty we were a little disappointed, most of the stuff there is the sort of things that appears in all the little catalogues that come through the door every Christmas. Although we had anticipated a longer visit, we were done in about 20 minutes and decided to begin the trip to Fort Worth. The first leg of our drive took us to Waco, where we met up with Chad, a golf blogger who Liz knows from the Dunvegan. He took us for lunch at a local Mexican restaurant with great food before waving us off on our way to Fort Worth. We arrived at the hotel at about 5ish and after a brief issue with our room not wanting to let us in, settled down to blog for a bit before heading out later on to celebrate the half way point of the trip. I took the laptop for a couple of hours, then we ate dinner then I read my book and got ready to go out while Liz used the laptop. At about half 9 we wandered downstairs to call a taxi to take us to Billy Bob’s Texas, which is apparently the largest Honky Tonk in the world. Our taxi driver was a little weird, but insisted that he would pick us up for the return journey later, so having checked online that Billy Bob’s closed at 2am, we arranged to meet him outside at 1.45am.

The glitter "ball" at Billy Bob's - yes it is a saddle.

It was disappointingly quiet inside and after buying drinks we found somewhere to sit down. It appeared to be karaoke night, but not quite your usual karaoke. Everyone participating seemed to sing several songs, and knew all the words off by heart. Needless to say, we did not enter. After a few rounds of drinks we were slightly surprised to hear “Last call for alcohol” called around the room. It was not yet midnight, so we asked the girl who was clearing tables and she told us that they closed at midnight. LAME. The website said and still says 2am. After being told to drink up and chucked out with everyone else at bang on midnight, apparently there is no such thing as 15 minutes drinking up time, we found ourselves outside wondering what to do next. Going home seemed a little pathetic after less than two hours, especially on our night out to celebrate being half way through the trip. After asking a couple of people where was still open, we wandered out into the stockyards area and were taken by the hand (literally) by a lovely drunk girl to a bar called White Elephant. She introduced us to some people then left again, unfortunately, they had also called last orders, so on the advice of the girl behind the bar, we wandered off in search of the basement bar. It was still open, and would be for the foreseeable future. Spotting two bar stools we sat down next to some people who looked to be around our age, and two older gentlemen. The older gentlemen were very chatty and friendly and bought us some drinks. At some point however they became a little over friendly, so we made our excuses and wandered back towards Billy Bobs to pick up our taxi. As luck would have it, the driver was a little early to collect us so we didn’t have to wait too long. The ride back was interesting, the driver, a large Nigerian man with a strong accent was rather chatty, and a little inappropriate. Determined to work out whether Liz and I were a couple, he asked us if we liked girls. When we said no, his response was, “You like boys? You like penis?” Both of us laughed a little nervously at this only to be asked whether we preferred black or white penis. “Errr…” This conversation brought us to the door of the hotel, and after being paid and asking Lizzie if she would be his girlfriend if he came to the UK, he went on his way. We made our way up to the room and fell into bed. I miss having drunken marmite toast when I come back from nights out.