If you have read the previous post, you will be unsurprised that we spent most of the morning in bed recovering from the night before. At about 12ish we checked out of the hotel, still feeling a little fragile and headed to Denny’s for a greasy hangover curing fry up. It worked pretty well and by the time we got to the Stockyards we were feeling almost human. The Stockyards kind of have to be seen to be believed, the sort of Wild West town that you see in films and don’t think really exists anymore. According to Wikipedia (source of all knowledge) Fort Worth is often referred to as “Where the West Begins”, and is the last standing Stockyards in the United States. Although it is no longer operational the whole area plays up to the image, with shops selling cowboy boots and hats and saloon bars. The afternoon was spent wandering around shops, looking longingly at the cowboy boots that are so far out of my budget it’s not even funny and posing with cowboy hats (unfortunately all shops seemed to ban photos). We also wandered through some shops selling lovely, but again, very expensive, jewellery and although I would have loved to have bought some, my budget just doesn’t stretch that far.

Car with horns

Interspersed with our time wandering the shops, was time spent lazing in the sun and watching a cattle drive through the stockyards,overseen by volunteer cowboys. Both the cattle and the cowboys looked somewhat bored by the second “show” of their twice daily cattle drive, but it was good to watch none the less. By about half four, having wandered most of the shops we decided that however cool as cowboy boots look in Texas, they wouldn’t have quite the same effect in Godalming and got back into the car to drive to Randi and Jens’ house in Arlington. After a brief stop off at the supermarket to buy dessert (they were cooking us dinner) we arrived at theirs at about 6ish. Randi and Jens were really welcoming and friendly and as they prepared dinner, we kept their cute but energetic dogs entertained. We had delicious fajitas for dinner followed by the chocolate cake and ice cream that we had brought. We chatted with Randi and Jens for ages until Jens went to bed, since he had an early start in the morning. Randi showed us how to set up the sofa bed before heading to bed and said we would probably see her before we headed out in the morning, we also got a dog to keep us warm for the night. 🙂