We were so tired that we barely noticed Jens leave early in the morning and slept until our alarms went off at half 8ish. Our plan, to be showered and out of the house by 10, since we only had a day to spend in Dallas and we had plans to go out with Jens and some of their friends later in the evening (Randi had work). Randi offered to make us breakfast, a delightful idea, eggs, bacon and southern biscuits. Breakfast was delicious and since Randi had cooked, we did the washing up. Eventually we left the house at 11.20ish,  little later than planned, but worth it for the delicious breakfast. Arriving in Dallas, we headed straight for the Museum of Art, which Randi and Jens are members of and had generously lent us their membership cards for free admission and parking. The parking garage was a little hard to find amongst the maze of one way streets and roadworks but Liz did a fantastic job of navigating us to the underground car park. We were a little disappointed to find that the Contemporary Art section was closed while they installed a new exhibit, but I really enjoyed looking at the Greek and Roman art collections. After finishing in the museum, we set off in search of a Starbucks (for Wifi) following the directions on the iPhone. Unfortunately, Google maps failed us and we did not find a Starbucks where it said there was one, however we did discover one right opposite the art museum. We settled down there for a while to start planning our trip along the Mississippi Blues trail for the next couple of days. Once we had outstayed our welcome at Starbucks, we headed back to the foyer of the art museum to use their Wifi to book our hotels for the next few days, unfortunately our couchsurfing requests for Memphis received no replies. Hotels booked, we stowed the computer back in the car and set off to find Dealey Plaza, the site of JFK’s assassination. On the way there we came across fountain plaza, and realised that it was the exact place that my father had described to me over the phone. There is a fountain there that shoots jets of water vertically up in seemingly random geometric patterns which he remembers sitting by during a visit to Dallas in 1987. It was fantastic to watch and I took loads of photos, although I have none of Liz when she walked through, managing to stay almost completely dry.

Fountains at Fountain Plaza

We found Dealey Plaza a short time later and although we opted not to go into the museum, we spent some time sitting on the grass there. There are two crosses on the road that mark the places where the two shots hit JFK from the 6th floor window of the Book Depository. After a short sit down and a couple of pictures, we headed back to the car. After such a huge breakfast we hadn’t needed lunch and decided that we just couldn’t miss the Cosmic Cafe, an indian themed vegetarian restaurant, recommended by several people as a great vegetarian restaurant. Sitting down, Liz was somewhat astounded with the array of options, and seemed to enjoy the fact that she could choose whatever she wanted on the menu. The food was amazing and we both left thinking that we could never eat again. We were waiting to hear from Jens about where to meet for drinks, unfortunately his mobile phone had an unfortunate encounter with a cup of coffee so we couldn’t call him so we just headed back to the house. No one was there, but the door was unlocked so we went in to be greeted rapturously by the dogs. Randi’s dad popped in to check that we were ok, thankfully Randi had introduced us that morning so he did not think that we were just random strangers wandering into his daughter’s house. We heard from Jens a short while later and he directed us to Potager, where we were meeting him and his friends. We got a little lost, since the GPS is proving to be practically useless, but got there in time for one drink before it closed. Our next destination was Caves, a dive bar where it just happened to be karaoke night. One of Jens’ friends came with us to direct us, and although we got a little lost, we did get to see the stadium that hosted the Superbowl. The evening was fun and I was persuaded to sing karaoke. I picked a song that I knew well, although was somewhat embarrassed about my selection since it didn’t really fit in with any of the other songs being performed… oh well, I can at least say that I have sung karaoke at a dive bar in Texas. At about 12ish Randi arrived from work and Jens headed home, since he had an early start the next morning. Not long later we made our excuses and headed back as well since we were completely exhausted.