Mindful of the 8 hour drive ahead of us we managed to leave Randi and Jens’ house by 9.15am. Although we stopped for petrol a couple of times and briefly for lunch, nothing remarkable happened. Most of the day was spent on I-20 which is long and boring. We did finish our drive on US Highway 61, which was much more scenic. We had originally planned to visit some sites on the Mississippi Blues Trail, but it seems we had underestimated the distance we had to drive from Dallas. By the time we arrived in the vicinity of any of the sites it was well after closing time for the museums and getting dark. We will try again tomorrow. After arriving in the hotel, we spent some time watching TV and the rest catching up on our blogs, it is so hard to keep them updated when you are couchsurfing, it’s a bit like hitchhiking in that you feel that in exchange for the free couch/ride that you need to give good chat, hence no time to blog.