Memphis egg

After a bit of a lie in we arrived in Memphis at about 11ish. Although we had found somewhere to park online, we made a detour to stop at the tourist information centre on the way in. This was a good idea, strange cities are much easier to navigate with maps! After Liz had set off the alarm by getting a bit too close to the BB King statue we decided to move the car to a proper car park before exploring. Of course, we had to take photos with the giant Faberge style Memphis egg outside the visitor centre first. Having moved the car our first destination was Mud Island and finding the entrance, we wandered across the walkway. It was a lovely day and we got a great view of the city and of the Mississippi, however, that is where it ended, the far end of the walkway was closed off, so we turned back the way we had come. Our next destination was the famous Beale Street for a wander. It mainly seemed to be bars and restaurants, with brass musical notes set into the pavements with the names of famous musicians with a connection to Memphis. We stopped off in a restaurant for a delicious but rather greasy lunch before going in search of the Rock and Soul museum. Another museum with an audio tour and an introductory film! Both were good however, and the museum documented all the different types of music in Memphis and how they all came together, which was really interesting. After finishing in the museum and claiming our free gift (a branded guitar pick) we headed back out into the sunshine. Our final port of call in our whistle stop tour of Memphis was the Lorraine Motel, the site of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. The National Civil Rights Museum is situated in the old motel, but the motel front and MLK’s room are preserved as they were when he was killed. After visiting the the Lorraine Motel we decided to head back to the car, since there was nothing else that we could do without spending more money. I also wasn’t feeling well at all by this stage so heading home seemed a good option. Back at the hotel I had a nap, then felt much better and we had another chilled out evening. I know you will all laugh and say what a hard life we lead, but travelling is exhausting!