Our one day in Nashville began with a quick breakfast before heading out into the cold and miserable day – we are not used to this, what happened to the 80 degree weather of Florida and Texas?! Our first trip of the day was an attempt at thrift store shopping, I say attempt because we came away empty handed. Although we found a number of good things, they were all the wrong size, never mind. After returning the car to Mallory’s we followed the route she had suggest we take towards the centre of town. As luck would have it this route took us past a Ben & Jerry’s shop right next to the Vanderbilt campus and we just had to go in to continue our Ben & Jerry’s tasting mission. Four scoops later (between the two of us – a small cup is two sccops, welcome to America!) we resumed our walk downtown. Another necessary sugar stop was made at Gigi’s cupcakes, highly recommended by Mallory, where I had a s’mores cupcake and Liz had a champagne one. These were lovely, but incredibly sweet and following the ice cream made a good lunch substitute! (For the St Andreans reading, it was very much like Bibi’s.) The sugar high must have kicked in somewhat by this point, for me at least, since I walked up the hill only to turn around and see Liz trailing behind.

The Parthenon by night

The walk down to “The District” was slightly longer than expected, and we eventually got there at around 1pm. After visiting a few shops we went to find the Country Music Walk of Fame, although we had decided that $20 was a little steep for the museum, this at least was free. We could not find it however and after giving up and heading back towards Broadway, we found ourselves there. A brief walk and a couple of pictures later we returned to Broadway. Our next stop on our tour of Nashville on a tight budget was going to be the Parthenon (the only full scale model in the world!) but since it was such a grey day and we were so tired we decided to give up. Our new plan was to head out to experience some live music with Mallory later in the evening and to visit the Parthenon in the morning, hopefully with better weather. Our walk home felt endless, but really only took us just over an hour. Arriving back, we collapsed onto the sofa to watch TV for a few hours. Travelling so much is really exhausting. Mallory came home at about 4pm and we made our plans for the evening. Unfortunately, the live radio show that she had planned to take us to was not running, but there was a festival running at a number of venues. We decided that an early showing followed by dinner would be better, and cheaper than the later showing, so after a quick dash to get ready, headed out. The band at the Station Inn (I think it was called?) were called the Waymores, who were very good and we enjoyed local beers and warm popcorn while listening. We were a bit surprised to be shushed by the bartender for talking, apparently in Nashville it is all about the music, no talking allowed! After the show had finished Mallory drove us to a local restaurant for dinner. We had a delicious meal, which was really cheap and there were plenty of vegetarian options for Liz, which certainly makes a change. Before returning to her apartment, Mallory drove us to the Parthenon so that we could see it all lit up at night. It was very impressive, although part of me still wonders why there is a full scale replica of the Parthenon in the middle of Nashville. After having a look at it and taking a few dark and blurry photos we headed back to the apartment for an hour or so of TV before bed.