We left Mallory’s house bright and early and after a quick visit to the Parthenon to take some photos in the (still grey) daylight, we were back on the road again. The first half of our day’s drive took us to Louisville, where we paused only to take a photo of the world’s largest baseball bat. We took turns to do this so that we wouldn’t have to pay for parking and as I was getting back into the car, my camera fell out of my pocket.

Largest Baseball Bat in the World

I heard a crash and my heart stopped for a second as I noticed the drain right next to the wheel of the car. Thankfully the camera was resting on the grate covering the drain and had not fallen in. The metal case is a little scratched from its adventure, but thankfully it is still in full working order. The next stage of our drive took us to our stopping point for the night, Lafayette, Indiana. We had no particular desire to see the town, but it provided a useful stop off point on the way to Chicago and a cheap motel for the night. The evening was spent repacking, watching TV and eating a bizarre meal of peas, tomato soup and popcorn. Unfortunately, despite requesting a non-smoking room we were given a smoking room, which was a most unpleasant experience and left all my clothes smelling of smoke.