Lizzie went home today. I dropped her at Chicago airport just after 1pm and began the 4.5 hour drive across to visit my family in Iowa. Don’t worry though, she is coming back on Wednesday. The first half of the day consisted of a boring drive from the hotel to the airport and the second half of a boring drive from the airport to visit my family in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The drive across to Iowa wasn’t bad, but the scenery is very samey and the roads very straight. I arrived in Cedar Falls at around 6pm and was welcomed with open arms. It is great to have the opportunity to visit family who I have not seen in many years. I will be staying with my godmother and father’s cousin, Karin and her husband Jim in their home in Cedar Falls. Their daughter Disa and her family (husband Eric, stepdaughter Sophie (10) and son Elias (2)) also live in the same town so I will be spending time with them too, since I last saw Disa and Jim in 1992 there is plenty of catching up to be done. Everyone was there when I arrived and a much needed glass of wine was quickly pressed into my hand. We sat down to dinner almost immediately, and spent the rest of the evening chatting and catching up. I think I am going to enjoy a good few days “vacation from my vacation”.