The drive to Chicago was boring and uneventful, and other than a short delay, I was able to rendezvous with Lizzie as planned. The Heart O’Chicago Motel was somewhat dated and complete with a tacky neon sign, but was clean, which is all that matters.

Just a disclaimer at this point, we are coming back to Chicago later in the trip, so rather than sightseeing in the rain we spent the day planning Route 66 and chilling out, with the curtains firmly closed against the rain. With the first 3 days of Route 66 planned and motels booked, we gave up on planning and watched tv. At about 9.30pm I went out to meet with Catherine, someone who I worked with in Admissions who happened to be in Chicago for work. It was lovely to see her and we were able to catch up over a late dinner after she had finished work for the evening.