We used the GPS to get us back to the point at which we had abandoned the Old Road to get to our motel the night before with somewhat interesting results. After a detour to a road with a similar name, we finally picked up the route through Oklahoma City. We passed a couple of landmarks flagged as “GIANT” in our book, but were somewhat disappointed by their diminutive stature, so much so that we failed to even take pictures of them.

The now defunct Lucille's in Hydro.

Our first stop was at the now closed “Lucille’s” a gas station/gift shop just off the route. It was owned and operated by Lucille herself, who ran it from the 1940’s until her death in 2000. Stopping in at Lucille’s was said to be a Route 66 rite of passage, but since it has been closed 11 years now, we had to content ourselves with a photo. Not much further down the road we spotted a picnic area, which we thought would be ideal for our lunch. Wrong! We hadn’t quite taken Oklahoma winds into account and very quickly retreated back to the car to eat. Back on the road again, we found the Oklahoma Route 66 museum in Clinton and pulled in. The museum was very interesting, taking us through each decade of Route 66 one by one, with different music for each room and decade. The experience ended with a very badly filmed movie, which we watched a couple of minutes of before escaping into the gift shop. Several postcards later, we were back on the road, and starting to think about where we could stay for the night. Lo and behold, a KOA sign! It was such a nice day, with a light gentle breeze that we thought that camping would be fine, so we pulled up and booked our tent site for the night. The owner was perhaps a little over friendly, and was keen to rent us a cabin for the night, but we insisted that we would be fine in the tent and went to set it up. After some chill out time, we decided that our best bet for supper was the pizza served in the clubhouse, rather than a 20 mile round trip to the nearest restaurant. The pizza was delicious, as was the chocolate cream pie that we had as a starter (we were hungry and the pizza took a while to cook!). While we were eating we noticed tornado warnings on the TV, to the east and south of us, but the owner assured us that they would pass us by. After taking a turn on the laptop, I retired to the tent to read, getting increasingly concerned with the amount it was blowing around in the wind. It was rather a sleepless night, with the wind blowing the tent walls in towards us and my growing concern that the tent was going to break or take off. Luckily it was just high winds, so no damage done except to my sleeping patterns.