We were out of our room by 10am, and as instructed, left our keys in the door since the office was closed up. As we drove through Tucumcari, we stopped for photos under the “Welcome to Tucumcari” mural for Liz and were accosted by a strange woman telling us what an awful place it was. Eventually, we managed to escape and continued out of town. We followed Route 66 as it wound through various non descript towns and villages and crossed back and forth over the interstate until we reached Santa Rosa. At Santa Rosa we abandoned the Old Road for a few days to head down to Roswell. From Santa Rosa to our hotel there were a grand total of two turns, otherwise it was straight road, with very few exits and similar scenery on both sides. We arrived in Roswell early afternoon and checking in to our motel were a little concerned to see a pest control truck parked in the forecourt. Our room was clean though, and since it had both a microwave and a fridge, we headed back out to the supermarket to stock up on food for the next few days. Once we were back from the supermarket, we spent the rest of the day doing not a lot to be honest, blogging, watching TV and relaxing, it’s been a busy few days!