For the first time in weeks we did not have to be packed up and out of the room by a certain time, so we took advantage of the fact and had a long lie in, watched some TV and basically had a lazy morning. After some lunch we headed into town in search of the International UFO museum and Research Center, the owner of the motel told us that it was quite a long walk, but when he qualified that by saying that it was 20 blocks, we decided that it was no problem, we’ve walked further than that before.

A Roswellian streetlight

It didn’t take us too long, even with a brief stop in Starbucks in an attempt to elude the creepy man who was following us (you’ll be pleased to know that our tactics worked!). The museum was easy to find, given that it was on the main street and had a space ship sticking out of it, and having paid our $5 each and marked where we were from on their world map we began looking around the museum. It was mainly based upon the alleged UFO crash just outside Roswell in 1947 which was largely covered up by the government. It was very interesting, but quite text heavy, piecing together different people’s stories in an attempt to present a clear picture of what actually happened. The exhibit also discussed different types of alien encounter and peoples sighting of UFOs as well as some short exhibits on space and aliens in popular culture. It was really interesting, and something clearly happened and was covered up by the government in 1947, I’m just not entirely sure that it was little green men! After a brief visit to the ever present gift shop, we wandered back out into the sunshine and along the main street. We stopped in a variety of shops before going to find the visitor centre; the lady who worked there was really friendly and told us ALL about what we could do in Roswell and within a 200 mile radius! After having various alien themed pictures taken of us and clutching a huge number of maps and leaflets, we headed towards the local zoo. The walk, which looked short on the map (I wish they would put scales on these maps!) was long, hot and lacked pavements (sidewalks to any American readers). The zoo was ok, but the mountain lion looked hot and unhappy in his cage which I didn’t like. Once Lizzie had made friends with a llama and christened him Jungle Jim, it was time to start the walk back to town. Following our earlier discovery that the Conspiracy Café was very closed and had been for several years, we were pretty hungry and decided to check out Peppers, which had been recommended by the lady in the Visitor Centre.

Lizzie and "Jungle Jim"

We arrived during happy hour and immediately ordered frozen margaritas. Our waitress was lovely and helpfully explained how almost any item on the menu could be adapted (for free) to make it vegetarian friendly. The food was great and there was lots of it, enough for me to take some home for lunch tomorrow. We left slightly drunk after our margaritas, and the walk home seemed so much shorter than it had that morning, as we dodged the water sprinklers on the way back to the motel. The owner who had waved us off at 1pm was surprised that we were just back, and didn’t quite believe that we had walked “all the way” out to the zoo as well as into town. The rest of the evening was spent watching Roswell High… I mean, what else can you watch while in Roswell??