After a lazy morning of more Roswell High, followed by frozen margaritas (in a sachet from Walmart) and left over quesadillas for lunch, we headed back into town in search of “Alien Zone”, which had been recommended by Tripadvisor.

Anti-gravity room

For the princely sum of $3 dollars each we could pose with “aliens” in a variety of scenes. It was all somewhat badly maintained, but fun if you got into the spirit of it. We were the only ones there, so were able to take lots of ridiculous photos of each other, but not many together, seeing that Lizzie’s tripod was in the car, at the motel, 20 or so blocks away.  Several photos later, which ranged from ridiculous to unflattering, we were done, and returned to the UFO museum to revisit the gift shop in search of shot glasses, but left with a bottle of UFO H20 each and no shot glasses. We then followed the green alien footprints to the “Spacewalk”, which was quite a rip off at $2, since it was very short walk through some UV scenes painted in a dark corridor, they were quite cool, but not worth $2. The woman at the counter was also terrifying, so we escaped back into the sunshine pretty quickly. After a brief stop in the most amazing shop in the world that has inspired both of us to make scrapbooks of this trip when we get home, we headed back to the motel, somewhat disappointed that we had done all that we had planned to do in Roswell already.

Alien footprints

A brief trip out for ice cream and walking boots ($20!) from Walmart and we were done for the day. The rest of the evening was spent blogging, starting to plan the next leg of our trip and watching more Roswell… exciting lives we lead.