Having packed up the car, we took a couple of brief photo stops before leaving Roswell. The drive back up to Route 66 was as long and boring as it had been on the way down. From Santa Rosa we had two choices; to follow post 1937 ’66, which is now completely paved over by the I-40 or to take the longer, but much more interesting “Santa Fe Loop”, you can guess which one we chose. After a quick stop for lunch we headed north along country roads towards Santa Fe.

Back on the Route

Looking at the map of the town in our Route 66 guide we were both a little daunted, it was a maze of one way streets, with the route winding several times around it. However, when we got there, we discovered that it was a historic rather than a modern city, with narrow roads and historic buildings. It was far too nice to just drive through, so parking the car for a couple of hours we got out to have a wander round. Our guide book told us that Santa Fe was one big “Gift Shop Alert”, and it wasn’t wrong, the whole town was lined with shops selling various gifts, from jewellery to cook books. We wandered through various shops, where I was a little disappointed by the astronomical price of some of the jewellery and Liz bought the hottest hot sauce available in New Mexico. Our two hours of parking time ran out all to quickly, but we were aware that we still needed to drive on to Albuquerquebefore we could crash for the day.

Santa Fe

The drive back from Santa Fe was much the same as the trip there, winding through small non-descript towns and rugged countryside. As we approached Albuquerque more and more buildings lined the sides of the road, and when we reached the interstate it was time to follow the GPS back east for a few miles to find our motel for the night. This motel had been the best out of a bad bunch, with slightly better reviews than the others, and this was confirmed when we were advised to park our car at the front since there had been a number of break ins… wonderful! We then settled in for a quiet evening; to continue planning the next leg of the trip and to catch up on emails and blogs.