We were out of the somewhat dodgy Super 8 in Albuquerque just after 10, but it took over an hour of driving and an expensive phone call to Alamo to eventually find their rental location. It seems that the “SE” that they missed off their address in the online directory was vital. Amy at the Alamo desk was very helpful and after phoning through to Boston assured us that they would update our hire and that since they had seen us, we didn’t need to worry that we would be in the Grand Canyon on our next check in day. Unfortunately we will have to phone roadside assistance to tell them about the cracked plastic casing on the underside of the car… joy! The last time we phoned them was a complete waste of time and they didn’t seem to have a clue what they were talking about. Getting out of the car park was another challenge, the guy at the gate wanted to see our contract and then our driving licences, and then proceeded to explain to us what we needed to do next. He didn’t seem to understand that we knew what we needed to do, and all we wanted from him was to open the barrier. Eventually, just after 11.30, we were finally on the road and managed to track down Route 66 in downtown Albuquerque. We followed the route as it criss-crossed back and forth over the interstate to Gallup. After a supermarket stop at Gallup, it was onwards to Farmington to stay with Rabi for Easter weekend. The drive was a little longer than Google maps had suggested, but that could have been due to ridiculous amounts of road works along the way. We arrived at Rabi’s at around 6ish and after a brief tour of the house, headed out for some dinner. We had confessed our cravings for Mexican food to Rabi so she took us to a place not far from her house, which she had never been to but had heard good things about. The food was good, not quite as spicy as the place in Roswell, but still really tasty. Dinner over, we headed to Walmart to get breakfast supplies and the ubiquitous Ben & Jerry’s. Back at Rabi’s, after bringing our stuff in out of the car, we settled down to watch a film with a pint of ice cream. We watched Pan’s Labyrinth which was good, but requiring concentration to read subtitles for those who aren’t fluent in Spanish. We then discussed what we wanted to do over the weekend; there were several options, all of which were a few hours away. After a brief discussion, we decided to go to the Four Corners Monument followed by the Arches National Park on Saturday, and then to have a quiet day on Easter Sunday to allow us to catch up a bit. With 8 hours of driving as well as hiking on the agenda for tomorrow, we then went almost straight to bed with a plan to leave the house at around 7am for a day of adventuring.