After our exhausting day yesterday we all had a lie in this morning and it was late morning by the time we were ready to do much at all. Today was planned as a catch up day, for us to chill out and relax before getting back on the road tomorrow. Rabi and I were also planning to do some baking. Once I had Skyped my dad and we were both showered, Rabi and I headed out to buy baking and lunch supplies. We had originally settled on risotto, but given the lack of necessary ingredients in Walmart we decided to cook a Mexican feast instead, an idea which was mostly fuelled by my discovery of vegetarian refried beans for Liz. Having bought everything that we could possibly need, we headed back and started to prepare lunch. Our Mexican feast was delicious, but unsurprisingly we over catered by quite a lot, so there was plenty left for later on. Completely stuffed after lunch we all had that post-Christmas lunch feeling, but Liz and I decided that we needed to power through and really get on with planning the next leg of our trip. We planned the next month (still subject to change) before stopping for a break. Once Rabi and I had baked our carrot cake cupcakes and were waiting for them to cool we put another film on and she helped me to sew up the enormous holes in the lining of my sleeping bag while we watched it. (The sleeping bags, although warm and comfortable are not particularly well made as moving in your sleep causes the seams to come apart, which isn’t ideal.) Once the film was finished we iced the cakes, which wasn’t the easiest task since they were very crumbly. The rest of the evening was spent playing games, blogging and snacking on leftovers from lunch, cupcakes and ice cream.