Up early once again because we were cold, we got dressed and packed up the tent, somewhat gleeful that we would be sleeping in an actual bed tonight. After a brief trip to Moran Point, we headed back south towards Williams.

Final View of the Canyon

We had planned to get breakfast there in one of the many independent Route 66 themed diners, but, being around 10am on a Sunday, they were all closed, so we caved and found a chain. After breakfast, we felt much better and continued along Route 66 for a few hundred more miles. Route 66 continued mostly in the fashion that it has since we hit Texas; through non-descript, sparsely populated towns and desert. Abandoning it again in Kingman, we headed north, towards the Hoover Dam and Las Vegas. The main road no longer runs over the Hoover Dam, and the bypass bridge is built up really high at the sides so that you can’t see it. This was a little disappointing, but we decided to visit the Hoover Dam on the way back from Vegas, rather than end up arriving in rush hour. After a brief supermarket trip, we eventually arrived at the Luxor Hotel, our home for the next three days. We had a bit of a nightmare trying to find the self parking garage, but eventually made it, with some fantastic driving by Lizzie. The Luxor Hotel was really cool, a giant glass pyramid, with a tower on each side, our room is in the pyramid.

The Luxor

After some time chilling out in our room and showers, we headed out in search of dinner. A rather long walk took us to The Cheesecake Factory for an amazing meal. Our eyes were somewhat bigger than our stomachs, but once again the Avocado Eggrolls were AMAZING… we need that recipe! We were so full that we never even managed any cheesecake, and began the walk back to the hotel feeling uncomfortably full. By the time we got back to the hotel, our lack of sleep in the Grand Canyon had well and truly caught up with us and we went straight to bed… real party animals!