Our time in Vegas all blurs into one, mainly due to exhaustion rather than alcohol consumption. On our first morning we slept late, revelling in the fact that we weren’t freezing cold and could stay asleep past 6am.

Paris, Las Vegas

Once we were finally awake we headed down to the pool to sunbathe with some expensive drinks and our books, this lasted a few hours before we headed back upstairs to get ready to go out. We went for what was meant to be a short wander along the strip, which is much longer than we thought it was originally. We watched a cool fountain show outside the Bellagio, visited various hotels and had dinner before heading back to the hotel. The plan was for a night out, but neither of us was really in the mood or drunk enough, so after some time playing on the slots in the casino in the Luxor we went back to our room. The second day passed in much the same way, with another failed night out to finish. We are just too poor to be able to have a good night out in Vegas, and also too exhausted from 5 days of no sleep in the Grand Canyon. We should come back to Vegas when we are richer and less tired! Our final day and night were quiet by necessity due to the long day planned for tomorrow, we mostly stayed in and chilled out, ordering pizza in for dinner… living the high life in Vegas we were not!

Fun in Caesar's Palace

New York, New York