After a much needed lie in we eventually headed out into San Diego. Rather than take the car, we headed across the freeway to catch the trolley into town. Our first destination, for breakfast/lunch was the Studio Diner, situated right next to the studios where they filmed Veronica Mars… yes we are very sad. The main reason for visiting was that there was apparently lots of memorabilia displayed in the restaurant. Even with specific directions from Google maps, it was a bit of a mission by public transport to get there and took us nearly too hours door to door. The place itself was a little disappointing, since there was almost no memorabilia and nothing displayed was from a film or TV show that we recognised.

Me and my "Boob Sandwich"

The food was great though, with hilarious names for many items on the menu; I ordered the “Boob Sandwich” (chicken, avocado and swiss cheese) and there was also an option to have the spaghetti and meatballs “eunuch style” (without meatballs). Although we were both pretty full after our main course, we couldn’t quite resist sharing a lava cake, which was to die for. Our next plan was to go toMissionBeach, but not knowing how to get there by public transport we were a little stuck, so headed back toFashionValleyon the bus to rejoin the trolley. After a quick trip to Penney’s to look for shoes for Liz and emerging with no shoes, but new sunglasses for me, we headed towards the Gaslamp District to attempt one of the walking tours that Liz had downloaded onto her iPhone. The tour was interesting to a point, but we both got bored pretty quickly, and wandered around on our own without following the tour, taking pictures and enjoying the atmosphere. I was still pretty tired, so after a while I headed back to the motel while Lizzie continued exploring. The journey back was pretty funny, with the Mexican lady opposite me determined to chat, regardless of the fact that her English was as good as my Spanish.

A building in the Gaslamp Quarter

The main force of what she was saying, was do not go to Tijuana (just over the Mexican border) because you will get shot and die – which she demonstrated by miming a gun and drawing a finger across her throat, several times until she thought I had got the message – very amusing! When I got back to the motel I spent the next couple of hours until Liz got back attempting to catch up with the blog and doing some laundry. Once Liz was back we spent the rest of the night chilling out, blogging and watching some TV.