The plan today was to go to Mexico, something that we both wanted to do. However, all the internet and the locals would tell us about Tijuana was that if you were white, then you would get shot… this posed a bit of a problem and was freaking me out quite a bit. I thought I was hiding it well, but clearly wasn’t, since Liz picked up on my discomfort and we decided not to go. Although we were up and ready to go, there was no point heading out so early if we were not going to Mexico, so we went out to find some breakfast first. Just past the trolley station we discovered an independent café called Aunt Emma’s Pancakes, and naturally went in for some pancakes. After breakfast (fantastic by the way) we headed back to the motel to get our stuff before heading into town to visit the Old Town State Park.

Old Town State Park

This was more fun than we thought it would be, with old fashioned shops and restaurants lining the area. A local conspiracy theory claims that the reason for the demise of the Old Town, although it was already falling into disrepair, was due to the creator of the new town, who did not send his fire engine (the only one in the area) when the Old Town was burning. After a wander around the shops we stopped for lunch in one of the many Mexican Restaurants in the park, this one offering “the best margaritas in town for only $5”. Lunch was both delicious and enormous and we were both almost too full to move, but headed back to the trolley station to catch a bus to our next destination. Now I am a little embarrassed to admit, that our next destination was a hotel, The Inn at Sunset Cliffs, solely because it was the location of Veronica Mars’ home in the TV series… yes we are VERY sad… just wait until we get started on Buffy locations in LA! The Inn was just as it looked on TV, and we took some surreptitious photos from the outside before catching the bus back into town. We were glad however that we had not spent the extra money to stay there since the area it is in is nothing like they would have you believe on their website, but rather is a little run down and sketchy. We boarded the bus, and then at the next stop had to get off and wait 25 minutes while the driver took his break, which was really strange. Eventually we got back to the trolley station and headed back to the motel, where we spent the rest of the evening doing not a lot.

Sunset Cliffs Apartments (aka The Inn at Sunset Cliffs)